Seven Memorable Ray Liotta Film Moments


As I watched Goodfellas for perhaps that 100th time the other day I couldn’t help marvel about how amazing every performance was.   But it also made me think to myself “where the hell is Ray Liotta?”  Don’t get me wrong, the man is still working but he’s clearly not as relevant as he used to be.

In fact I don’t think he’s really been in a quality movie since 2001 when he was in Blow.  But from 1986-2001 I feel like Liotta was the absolute man.  So much so that his memorable movie moments can’t go unnoticed.

I’ve compiled seven that I think are worthy of your attention

Field of Dreams – “Even Ty Cobb Wanted to Play”

People seem to forget that it was Liotta who played the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson in this movie.  He did a damned good job and this I think was the laugh that may have landed him his role in Goodfellas.  It’s a perfect gangster laugh.  And this is definitely one of the funniest moments of the film


Goodfellas – “I should come home…for this!”

Personally I also like any time when he laughs or yells really loud in this film.  I’m pretty sure there’s not one boring moment in Goodfellas.

Something Wild – Amazing Laugh in the Diner

It’s at minute 1:10.  Remember, this movie was made in 1986 and Liotta wasn’t even remotely famous yet so this is him being all Ray Liotta before he was even Ray Liotta.  If you haven’t seen this film you really ought to.  It’s definitely one of Liotta’s best roles.

Unlawful Entry – Disturbing Arrest

Minute 6:00.   Liotta is definitely one hell of a villain.  He’s got a way of being crazy that I think most actors don’t really possess.  It’s gotta be his voice.

No Escape – Audition

The truly memorable line in this movie is when Liotta says “you want it?  come and get it!”   However, this moment was played in the trailer that all of us saw when the movie was coming out.  It’s very similar to Indiana Jones when he takes out the gun and shoots the guy.   This happens to be one of my favorite action movies so I had to add it.

Blow – Sometimes You’re Flush

Money isn’t real George.

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  1. The last things I remember seeing him in are Youth in Revolt and Observe and Report. Youth in Revolt sucked, but I think Observe and Report is way underrated.

  2. My aunt went out with this dude in the 90’s for a while in Jersey(of course). Every time I see her, i curse her out for not making him my uncle……..bitch.

  3. Goodfellas is overrated, Casino is where its at for me.

    What is with these once mighty actors going the Wesley Snipes route? I see Val Kilmer’s gone all Brando with the sausages and is stuck doing films with 50 Cent.

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