You Know, I Think at This Point Christian Bale Just Loves Gaining and Losing Weight

So we all know that Christian Bale is a great actor, often times in part because of his propensity to gain and lose extreme amounts of weight for various roles. But when you put all these roles in a timeline? It gets a bit weird. At a certain point, you would think you’d just stop taking roles that would force you to shed 80 pounds of muscle, especially for little seen films like The Machinist and Rescue Dawn.

When this cycle has happened six times, you have to think that he must enjoy this process just a little bit, whether it be eating a single pea and a thimble of water per day, or carbo-loading and hitting the gym for nine hours. He has to get some sense of achievement out of it other than just fitting into whatever role he’s up for.

This better be the year he gets the Oscar for The Fighter, and maybe he’ll be able to take a vacation from gym pumping and/or crash dieting for a while.

[via Slashfilm]

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  1. He actually didn’t plan on losing weight for The Fighter. He said he was shocked when he found out he had to get thin (apparently he accepted the role without really researching the guy) and should have lost another 15-20 lbs to portray the character accurately but decided it wasn’t worth his health.

  2. Geez, they wanted him to lose ANOTHER 15-20 pounds for ‘The Fighter’? I was about to say, I’m glad he only went down to 145. I figured he’d thought ‘Well, I’ll get skinny yet again, but I’m not gonna go nuts this time”. Hate to say it, but, as much as i admire his determination, I fear that this constant weight gain/loss will affect his health when he gets older.

    Funny thing is, I thought the costume in ‘Dark Knight’ made him look skinny anyway. The look of the costume just reminds me of bones.

  3. Like Viggo Mortensen throwing himself so fully into his roles the directors end up calling him by his character name instead of his real name -without noticing-.

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