The Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Arrives


The Avengers is out in a few days, and is getting rather stellar reviews so far. We always knew it would be a big Marvel vs. DC, Disney vs Warner Bros. showdown, and it’s impossible to tell who’s coming to come out ahead as the better superhero film, Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises.

Both suffer from impossibly high expectations, but I think TDKR even more so as it’s Chris Nolan, who does NOT make bad movies, and because TDK made SO much money and was exceptionally beloved by fans. We’ve seen very, very little from the film, and this new trailer is promising to be the “final” one, despite the movie’s release being two months away in July.

What do you think? For me it’s intriguing, but doesn’t quite send chlils up my spine the way the Dark Knight’s spots did. Something like the recent new Prometheus trailer had that effect on me, while this did not. Not to say the film won’t be good, but I don’t know, something just seems missing to me.

They’ve clearly cleaned up Bane’s voice quite a bit so it’s perfectly understandable, and I think that was necessary for final release, as I couldn’t hear a word he was saying in the older trailers. Class warfare is certainly a relevant topic, but I’m still not exactly sold on Bane as a villain. Perhaps what I’m most curious about however, is what Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s true role is. We’re not seriously believing that he’s just some random cop, right?

Update: Alright, I’ve watched this a few more times, and it is rather fantastic, I admit.

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  1. I don’t know how this didn’t give you chills, but I was quite impressed. And I’m pretty sure JGL will be nighwing, and that kid who asked if Batman will come back to JGL (who if I’m not mistaken was also singing the national anthem in a previous trailer, and the very next scene showed Robin’s R, a possible foreshadowing) will become robin

  2. I was also super impressed with the trailer. Much more so than number 2. As far as JGL…I just don’t see Nolan going the Nightwing/Robin route. If anything I think the whole ‘symbol/story of Batman being more important than Bruce Wayne himself’ will come full circle and we will see JGL take over the helm as protector.

  3. Catwoman’s costume looks lame, Bane’s mask has WTF written all over it, and the Batspaceship is dumb. The weird thing is that these movies are far more over the top and unrealistic than most classic Batman comics. Why should the comics (a genre notorious for being ridiculous and excessive) be more realistic than these otherwise great films? I don’t see Nolan’s game there. That said, this should be a great flick, but it’s already got many more cracks than The Avengers is showing. I’m voting Whedon in the preliminaries.

  4. I’m fully aware of Nolan’s perfect track record thus far, but I still can’t get on board with the design of Bane’s mask.

    I feel like I should be more hyped up for this, considering how much I enjoyed the previous two films.

  5. I’m in full agreement with trashcanman …

    I don’t feel that they are doing “Catwoman” justice with how they are portraying her so far in the trailers, and it doesn’t excite me to see her in the movie … I’m hoping that the trailers are just garbage.

    Bane … love the voice fix but still not a huge fan of how the mask covers up most of his face – not sure how the acting will be when you can’t see a lot of the facial expressions and menacing looks etc.

    I wonder if they will try and finish up the Joker with some dialogue or if they will even touch on it.

    The one thing I can look at the trailer and be happy about is that it’s about BATMAN again and not the villain … because let’s be honest the Dark Knight should’ve been called the Joker.

    (every time I see the flying machine in the trailer I squint trying to make it look better – but sadly it doesn’t …)

  6. I really hope I will be pleasantly surprised but this still looks awful to me. I hope they have some tricks still up their sleeves because Bane and Catwoman are ridiculous in this clip. I can’t see anyone in this film holding a candle to Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker. And that only leaves Batman to carry the movie. Don’t get me wrong I really liked Batman Begins. But Begins was an origins story and had a decent enough villain. I’m fully expecting this to be the weakest of the trilogy based on what they have allowed us to see so far.

  7. I am getting a tingly feeling which says that bruce wayne will die, but batman will live on. I.e JGL’s character will take over the mantle. why?

    Selina kyle: you have given them everything

    Batman:not everything , not yet

    Kid:do you think he is coming back?

    JGL Character: I dont know.

    In short a perfect ending to a perfect trilogy!

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