The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

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Say what you will about him selling out to Disney and Tim Burton in recent years, but there is no actor quite as diverse as Johnny Depp, which you can see from this handy collage. Well, he’s diverse and he isn’t, as he often plays different characters in the same role, whether it be an eccentric artist or a purveyor of chocolate or weed.

Out of all these, which Depp role is your favorite? It’s easy to say something like Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhands, but if you haven’t seen Ed Wood or What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, you really should. I also was a big fan of him as John Dillinger in Public Enemies, an otherwise average movie saved by a stellar performance from Depp.

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  1. There are older movies of his that I like but he plays the same person with different a wardrobe in every movie. To say he’s diverse is like saying Will Farrell is diverse.

  2. You have to give him credit. As easy as it is to pigeon-hole him as ‘quirky’, he has some serious range, unlike some of the most working actors around right now.

    Don’t forget to credit the image to

  3. Raoul Duke
    Mad Hatter
    Jack Sparrow
    Cry Baby
    Edward Scissorhands
    Ed Wood
    Ichabod Crane
    Sweeney Todd
    Sheldon Sands
    Donnie Brasco
    Don Juan
    William Blake
    John Wilmot
    Victor Van Dort

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