5 Notably Funny Comedians Whose Movies Aren’t Funny Anymore


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this subject lately and I’m  gonna go ahead and say that from all the trends I’ve seen it would appear that a superstar comedy career really only lasts about 10 years, even less.  I argue that the truly funny movies all took place in a 5-10 year period and after that the movies got less and less funny.

When you think about it, it’s really tough to keep up the humor.  I think a number of factors come into play.  One.  Age.  These guys get older and just don’t care anymore.  Two.  Money.  When you’re making $20 Million a movie sometimes you sell out a little bit whether or not the script is good.  And Three.  Parenthood.  Becoming a father changes a man.

Here are five funny guys who used to have amazing comedies and now I can’t even remember the last time they made a funny movie….

Eddie Murphy

48 Hours

His last funny movie was The Distinguished Gentleman back in 1992.  If any of you think that Metro was funny then please stop reading this article.  Remember how amazing Murphy was back in the 80s?  I mean come on.  48 HoursBeverly Hills Cop?  When you thought “funny” it didn’t get much better than Eddie Murphy.  Now it’s all child movies and crap humor.  I mean I guess The Nutty Professor was OK but come on.  That’s got nothing on his 80s stuff.

Jim Carrey

Dumb and Dumber

I think his last legitimately funny movie was Liar Liar which was in 1997.  Some might argue that Bruce Almighty was good but personally I thought the movie was too commercial.  And then there’s Yes Man which is a feel good movie but by no means the kind of humor this guy produced in the mid 90s.  When you talk about Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber you’re talking two of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  Hell even the sequel to Ace Ventura was awesome.   I guess 20 million a picture will make you do stuff.  Plus he’s getting older now and probably doesn’t care.

Adam Sandler


I just don’t think Sandler cares at all anymore.  He had his time.  It’s evident he’s a family man now and probably has no interest in ever making a Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore type movie ever again.  He knows he can make a $40-50 million film and gross over 100 off of it without even blinking.   But man his early 90s stuff…those were the days.   Wedding Singer was great.  Even Big Daddy was funny.   But then Little Nicky came along and I think it was all downhill.  He happens to be a good actor actor so maybe that has something to do with it.

Chevy Chase


You gotta go pretty far back to remember the last time Chase was funny in a movie.  If you really want to stretch it one can argue that Nothing But Trouble (1991) was decent but I think the last funny one was Christmas Vacation (1989) which I loved.  It’s like a switch went off and he just stopped.  I think Community sucks and his cameos are brutal.

David Spade


Is it the super long hair that did it?  I’m trying to figure out when it all went bust for Spade.  It’s not that he was a big time movie star like these other guys but Spade was really funny at one point.   From ’93-’96 he had some great roles in PCU, Tommy Boy,  and Coneheads.  I think as soon as he got on TV again his movies just began to suck ass.

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  1. You dislike Community? I agree that while Chase isn’t at his best in it, the other characters (McHale and Glover’s in particular) bolster the show and make it decent. The paintball episode is baller. AND BETTY WHITE’S GONNA BE IN IT!!!

    I thought the Number 23 was pretty hilarious… albeit unintentionally.

  2. Ooh, Community is hilarious. And while Chevy is easily outshone by Abed and Troy, he’s still a great character. Also I only think of David Spade as a TV actor. Yes, Tommy Boy was great, but I think of SNL and Just Shoot Me first.

    I was really surprised to see Steve Martin and Robin Williams missing from this list.

  3. Really surprised to hear that you think “Community” sucks. Most Entertainment writers and critics enjoy the show, even if the viewing public hasn’t fully embraced it yet.

    Granted, Chevy Chase is the least funny member of the cast. But I’m surprised to hear you think the show itself sucks.

    Still, for my money, American TV in the past 3 years hasn’t seen episodes as well done as “Modern Warfare” and “Contemporary American Poultry.”

    Care to elaborate on your opinion?

  4. Sandler was a dry funny in Funny People… Like hey guys I know Im old and this is what you get.

    Not a crackin’ the hell up every minute for some random funny shit funny.

    Now, Eddie Murphy. Coming to America.
    Best. Comedy. EVER!

  5. Eddie Murphy’s last funny movie was Bowfinger, Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are far better in dramatic roles anyway, and David Spade was never funny. Chevy Chase is before my time. In conclusion, I disagree.

  6. I’ll agree with your general assessment. But despite these actors losing their sheer hilarity in older movies, I can find several counter examples that you failed to mention of recent roles for these actors. Many of the counter examples have been listed above already.

    Saying community sucks basically discredited your oppinon, on all of this, for a lot of people.

  7. It depends on what episode you watched. I think you just watched one of their “meh” episodes. As everyone has already said, “Modern Warfare” is the one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen.

  8. Disqualified on the grounds of “Nothing But Trouble was decent”. There aren’t enough drugs in the world to make that movie anything more than a putrid pile of puppy poop. The rest of the article was a haze of zeros and ones.

  9. Look at Careys performance in A Series of unfortunate Events. Even in a kids film the guy managed to get his rubberface on, and could easily match his older stuff

  10. Sorry OTWarrior Zohan was bad, epically bad. Mike Myers does need to be on this list. Love Guru? Cat in the Hat? I’m also on hte Community is an awesome show bandwagon. The pool show, when McHale went full Monty, are you kidding me, I almost passed out.

  11. This wasn’t a problem in the past when new comedians took over the older comedians place as the funny man/woman. Now we have George Lopez, Ray Romano, whoever else is on a sitcom. (Charlie Sheen still have a show?)

    Don’t know why, but the days of Murphy, Belushi, Akroyd, etc. are gone. Really, who’s funny anymore?

  12. “The other guys” is totally hilarious, I couldn’t watch any 15 seconds of that movie without laughing.

    Community sucks. The Office sucks. The Simpsons suck. Game shows suck.

    Grandma’s boy was adam sandlers best movie and he wasn’t even in it.

    There needs to be more hot nerdy assertive girls in movies. There are very few indeed.

  13. I already started to ignore almost everything you say when I saw that you like Lady Gog├│ (Gaga for you), one of the most ridiculous singers out there, but now you say Community sucks? One of the few humor shows that’s worth to watch lately? Dude, you’re mental. Ray Romano should be here, he was half decent in Everybody Loves Raymond (which was an mediocre show in my opinion) and is even worse in Men of a certain age. Community rocks, it’s one of the most inspired shows airing right now, with great acting, even Chevy Chase is alright. Go watch Lady Gaga clips and leave good shows alone.

  14. Little Nicky was an amazingly hilarious movie and i saw you put it down in not only this article but another one and i have to say i simply feel sorry for you, its easily up there with billy madison and happy gilmore

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