The Wonders of German Engineering: Vader’s TIE Fighter

tie fither

A team of German engineers have taken on the rather incredible task of building Darth Vader’s TIE fighter in full-scale. Wait, that’s half-scale? How big is the thing?

It’s called Project X1, and took about 1,000 man hours and $20,000 to build, This is opposed to the 100,000 man hours and $100 billion it would take to make it life-size and able to fly and shoot lasers.

You can check our more shots of the project below, along with a video to really get a sense of scale for the thing.



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  1. Hmmm. Knowing what we know about German history, isn’t anyone but me just a wee little bit uncomfortable that — of all ships — the Krauts would choose to build Darth Vader’s ship?!? If they get that thing airborne, watch out, Poland!

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