The Lion King Rises


Somehow, way back in December I missed out on this video, which is quite simply the best trailer mashup I’ve ever seen. It takes the sound of the original Dark Knight Rises spot, and swaps in Lion King footage.

The result? It’s very nearly perfect, right down to the lip syncing on most occasions. Trailer mashups aren’t as widespread as they used to be (I used to post at least one a week it felt like), but I’m glad to see when they do continue to exist, they’re incredibly well done like this one.

Seriously, it’s pretty incredible. Check it out above.

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  1. Come on, the regning champ Batman, fights a few weaklings, and he thinks he’s ready for this new challenger, Bane.

    Only this guy’s not like any contender our hero’s ever fought. He’s pure strenght, brawn, anger, whatever.

    Our hero THINKS he’s ready. Thinks it’s just another fight (in spite of what his trainer/ally in the GCPD says). He finds out the hard way that no, it’s not.

    So Batman loses. Bad. Loses the fight, and his spirit. His… Eye of the tiger, if you will.

    He gets a new trainer, who teaches him one new trick or two. But our hero isn’t ready until he’s finally faced the fact that he’s afraid.

    So Batman trains a whole bunch (unfortunately NOT to the sound of Eye of the Tiger; point Rocky), and is finally ready for the big rematch.

    There they are, toe to toe. Bane/Mr. T is surprised to find that hey! This guy has the Eye of the Tiger! I’m f***ed! And he starts to get angry and sloppy and starts losing.

    And then… Well, there was a joke coming about the big twist at the end, but I’m not gonna be the asshole who spoils one of the most anticipated movies of the year over a joke.

    But you see my point. Not a remake, but some very similar points. Enough for a mashup trailer, at least.

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