A Guy Rewrites The Phantom Menace So It Makes Sense


Alright, alright, I promise this will be my last anti-Episode I post for a while, but I can’t help that people hate this movie so much that it keeps popping up all over the internet.

But today I’ve found something rather interesting. This rather excitable fellow from Belated Media has filmed a video where he imagines what The Phantom Menace might have looked like if it had actually gone through an editing process instead of George Lucas just getting exactly what he wants. It’s not as hilarious as say, Red Letter Media’s hour and a half long review, but rather than just pointing out all the things that are WRONG, he uses the existing story and characters and manages to articulate how a few small changes could have made the film infinitely better.

The crux of the issue is that Obi-Wan needs to be the central character of the film the way Luke was in the original, rather than the do-nothing he actually is. No Jar-Jar (obviously), Anakin is older than a really annoying kid and Darth Maul doesn’t die, and becomes one of the major villains of the other films as Obi-Wan tries to hunt him down for killing Qui-Gon. Additionally, I really like that he hints at a crush between Obi-Wan and Padme. He doesn’t say it, but it would be an issue that would further drive a huge wedge between Obi-Wan and Anakin in the later films.

Anyway, as always, I’m just sad now after thinking about good Star Wars movies. Watch for yourself and you might be aas well.


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