’80s Heroes By Kyle Starks

80s heroes 1


I haven’t featured Kyle Starks here before, but I’m loving his animated series on ’80s action heroes. All the old favorites are present from Snake to Ripley to Sarah Connor to Rick Deckard and more. Starks takes after the Rob Liefeld school of tiny feet, but in a funny way, not in an “I can’t draw way.” I’m still waiting on a few more of his action heroes, as I have to assume Rambo is coming at some point.

Check out the ones that exist so far below:

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  1. I don’t know why no one has ever mentioned this in the years it’s been up, but these are NOT done by Kyle Starks. They were done by an artist named Guillame Singelin, as shown if you click the link in the opening sentence. It’s pretty funny to see that kind of misinformation when it’s juxtaposed next to the author’s bio about being a “journalist”

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