Ten Movies You Should Be Pumped to See in 2010


2009 was, in my opinion, a pretty weak year for movies.  Maybe it’s just me, but I felt that there were far more disappointments than pleasant surprises.  There are a whole slew of movies coming out in 2010 to get excited about, and we can only hope that this year is a stronger year for film than last.

Last year, I gave you guys nine movies to get excited about in 2009 – some were great, some were average, and others were horribly disappointing.  Let’s hope 2010 treats us a bit better as far as films go.  Here are, in my very humble opinion, 10 movies coming out in 2010 that are worth getting excited about.



Why I’m pumped:  Christopher Nolan’s track record is pretty much impeccable, and for Inception he’s paired with one of the best actors working today (Leo) in a psychological thriller.  The Prestige and Memento are proof enough that Nolan can do mind-f*cking films as well as the superhero genre.

Why it could suck:  Even the best directors make clunkers from time to time, but there’s really no reason to doubt Nolan.

Tron Legacy


Why I’m pumped:  A sequel to the 1982 Tron film should show just how far visual effects have come in the last 28 years or so.  The Daft Punk soundtrack helps a ton, too, and should supplement the already trippy world of Tron.

Why it could suck:  There may be too much focus on effects and not on story, which tends to be the case in many effects-driven films.

Iron Man 2


Why I’m pumped:  The trailers make it seem like Iron Man 2 will have the same tone (e.g., tons of fun) as the first movie.  Downey is as good a leading man as anyone today, and Mickey Rourke will play the film’s main villain.

Why it could suck:  The original Iron Man is a tough act to follow, and the sequel may suffer if Jon Favreau tries to throw in too many villains/characters a la Spider-Man 3.

Black Swan


Why I’m pumped: I’m a big fan of Aronofksy’s prior films (even especially The Fountain) and after seeing The Wrestler, it’s clear that he doesn’t need a surreal, metaphoric story to be successful.  The casting of Natalie Portman is great, and seeing her alongside Mila Kunis will be a treat.  Vincent Cassel is incredibly underrated in my opinion, and I thinkw e’ll be seeing great performances all around.

Why it could suck:  The main character is a ballet dancer, so the subject matter may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Still, there are supposedly supernatural elements to this story, and so it’s doubtful that Black Swan will focus primarily on the art of ballet.

Shutter Island


Why I’m pumped:  A horror film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio should be all you need to know.

Why it could suck:  Scorsese is best at mob movies, not horror, and it’s never a good thing when films are pushed back like Shutter Island has been.



Why I’m pumped:  Robert Rodriguez is a master of over-the-top action and badassery, and he may be just what this franchise needs to be credible again.  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a Predator movie that was R-rated, and I’m excited to finally see the Predators’ home planet.

Why it could suck:  There hasn’t been a halfway decent Predator movie since Predator 2 (and I’m talking halfway decent, not even good) and the casting of Topher Grace and Adrien Brody has definitely raised some eyebrows.  Adrien Brody is a fine actor, but…Adrien Brody???

Toy Story 3


Why I’m pumped:  The first two Toy Story movies were great and, in my opinion, Pixar has yet to make a truly bad film.  In fact, it seems as though Pixar movies just get better and better.

Why it could suck:  Of all the movies on this list, I’m the most confident in Toy Story 3.  It may not be a Best Picture contender (I think Up will be this year, by the way), but there’s really no chance it will suck.

The Green Hornet


Why I’m pumped:  Letting a creative director with a unique sense of style film his interpretation of a classic character may not work out, but it beats getting Brett Ratner to do a generic interpretation.  Gondry’s as original a filmmaker as you will find, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how he portrays a heroic character.  Plus, Christopher Waltz plays an original villain, and who doesn’t want to see more of him after Inglorious Basterds?

Why it could suck:  Nothing against Seth Rogen (I think he’s often unfairly criticized – dude is an axcellent writer), but is he really the best choice for the lead role?  His casting makes me think The Green Hornet will have its fair share of laughs, but is that really what The Green Hornet should be about?

The Expendables


Why I’m pumped:  As an ensemble action film featuring what seems to be like the Hall of Fame of action stars, The Expendables may be the harcore, R-rated action movie we’ve been waiting since the late 80s/early 90s to see.

Why it could suck:  Sometimes hardcore action movies are incredibly stupid – and that’s fine, so long as the movie doesn’t try to be something else.



Why I’m pumped:  Um, did you see this clip???

Why it could suck:  It’s been a long, long time since Nic Cage was in a watchable movie (although I hear some decent things about Knowing).

So, what are you guys excited for in 2010?  How do you feel about the movies I’m pumped for?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – I have grown up with these movies and I have yet to be disappointed.

    Clash of the Titans – Sam Worthington is 2 for 2 now. While Terminator was pretty bad, I liked his role in it a lot. Plus Liam Neeson as Zeus?

    Alice in Wonderland – Not really psyched about this one, but I’m more than willing to give Tim Burton the benefit of the doubt.

    Robin Hood – I know it is not the traditional Robin Hood type movie. But if Ridley Scott walked up to me and asked if I would like to see Gladiator part 2 only it would take place in the Dark ages… I don’t think I could say no to that.

    The A-team – I really hope it will be good, it probably won’t be, but I’m allowed to hope.

  2. @ Uncoolaidman

    If Burton hadn’t been so meh over the past few years, I’d be pumped for Alice. But he really hasn’t impressed since…jeez, Big Fish?

    Clash could be good if it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    A-Team is probably the one I would want to see most of the ones you’ve mentioned. I love the casting of Rampage Jackson.

  3. 1. Knowing is awful. However, it’s in that category of so bad it comes off hilarious like many Nic Cage films of late. On the other hand, Bad Lieutenant was legit good.

    2. No way Up gets nominated for Best Picture. There’s a slight possibility with the fact that there are 10 nominees this year, but I still think it will be delegated to Best Animated Film. There has never been an animated film nominated for best picture (while there has been a “Best Animated Film” category).

    3. How about Robin Hood or Prince of Persia or Alice in Wonderland over The Green Hornet or Black Swan?

  4. @ Johnny

    I saw the original Bad Lieutenant with Harvey Keitel and liked it a lot. I’ll give the Cage version a shot.

    I think this is the year that an animated film finally gets its due with a Best Picture nod. It’s definitely deserving, plus expansion will really help.

    I put Green Hornet and Black Swan up there over the ones you’ve mentioned because I like the directors (Aronofsky and Gondry) so much. With those guys, there’s a chance you could be watching a masterpiece. Not so for Prince of Persia.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. “Alice in Wonderland” looks like it will be a blast.

    “The Book of Eli” I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic movies. Plus Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman and Denzel? Count me in.

    “The Crazies” looks like it will rock.

  6. I’m with @Uncoolaidmanon… Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood should be in that list..

    Also, I waiting to see Hot Tub Time Machine because it looks awesome

  7. Machete!!!!!!! Seriously though, it could be a really fun movie. Danny Trejo is usually pretty good, but I guess we’ll see how he does as a lead actor.

    I’m tentative about the A-Team. I loved the show as a kid, and I just don’t know if it will be the same without T. I also think they whiffed on a couple of the casting choices – namely Hannibal and Murdoch. Liam Neeson is an excellent actor, but I really think Bruce Willis would have been perfect. And there could honestly be no better choice for Murdoch than Woody Harrelson. I’ll still give it a chance though.

    Jonah Hex has a shot at being either really excellent, or really terrible. Josh Brolin and Will Arnett are big plusses, but then again Will Arnett hasn’t exactly been in any awesome movies (yet, the AD movie doesn’t come out till next year) and Megan Fox seems to basically be a magnet for terrible films.

    Youth in Revolt is another one I’m torn on. I can never hate on Michael Cera, but his schtick is getting kind of old at this point. He needs a new character, and maybe this can be a transition. On the other hand, the cast includes Steve Buscemi, Zach Galifinakis, and Fred Willard, who are always awesome.

    Other than that, I’ll be seeing Iron Man 2, Alice in Wonderland, Kick-Ass, and Hot Tub Time Machine specifically due to its strange cast…John Cusack and Rob Corddry?

  8. I second the vote for Potter, especially the first part of the 2 part movie because the first part of the book was awesome!

    After watching the Kickass clip I’m now excited for that too – I keep giving Nicholas Cage one more chance. (Hard to do after Wickerman)

    No votes for Eclipse? I’m seeing it! and Sex and the City 2…still deciding.

  9. First off, cool you made another of this articles, and also in the same style. I like em.
    I just read the 09 one again and it’s funny you brought the “too much villians like Spiderman 3” argument there ^^
    I havent even heard of most of this movies on your list. for example Black Swan. I really wan’t to see Natalie Portman again, so maybe this one. And Kunis is also nice. A couple of months ago I happended to read the “Black swan theory” article on wikipedia – has it something to do with this concept?
    There is also a movie with Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. I’ll probalby might see that.
    I’ll to see Kick-Ass, I’m sure. Maybe Inception, maybe Tron. Maybe Iron Man 2, if they dare me to.
    And I will definately see the last Harry Potter, of course. That is, the “first part” of it.

  10. True Freaking Story: There is a group of my guy friends at school that all lived in a huge, old brick house together and named it Tron. 10 dudes all living together (each section of the house had a name) named after a movie that was made before we were even born. Do you know hard it is to explain to someone where I was going that night? “What are you doing tonight?” “Going to Tron” “ummm WTF??” It was like a mini-frat house without all the homophobia and roofies.

    I personally am beyond pumped for Inception. What the hell is it about? No clue. But the cast and the music alone from the trailer is good enough for me. I’m glad they pushed back Shutter Island. It gave me time to finish the book in time, then sit back in awe about what just happened. Freaky stuff.

    I could watch RDJ read a take out menu and still go see it, so yeah, I’m excited for Iron Man.

  11. “There is a group of my guy friends at school that all lived in a huge, old brick house together … it was like a mini-frat house without all the homophobia.”

  12. @ BanditOne

    I haven’t heard good things about Eli, but I’m like you – Oldman and Denzel are enough to get me interested.

    @ Alex

    Haha…of course that’s a reason. And it’s a good one.

    @ everyone

    I JUST saw a preview for Hot Tub Time Machine. I’m so in.

  13. @Bert

    Sure, I’ll see Machete. I wonder if Eli Roth is ever going to make a full length Thanksgiving movie.

    @ Cheryl

    There’s no way I won’t see the next Potter movie, but I felt that the sixth was a dud, at least compared to the prior 5.

    @ Laura

    Thanks for the laugh. Funny stuff.

  14. I would say that the reason the Aronofsky film might suck is because it really seems pretty clear to me that Aronofsky has unbelievable arrogance to go with his unbelievable talent and having seen The Fountain and PI it is obvious that that can come out very badly.

    Also I think that Nicolas Cage should be put in your list of actors that need to reevaluate their careers because as hard as it has been to see considering his very strange career path and severe inconsistency, that fucker can act his goddamn ass off when he tries.

  15. The Crazies….you cant go wrong with mr olyphant seems to always do a decent job and in a horror movie it wont take much… Alice in Wonderland obviously to smoke the fattest J ever and go see it. The Expendables of course im excited for it, any person who has grown up in this generation with a dad who loves stallone, arnold, willis and seagal or van damme will go see this movie and have dad with them…if you dont you suck at being a son or daughter…and if you dont have a dad…go see the movie wearing his favorite shirt in his memory

  16. Are you joking me, Legion is going to be freaking hilarious. perhaps the number 1 comedy of 2009.

    Yeah I love B movies, I mean killing angels matrix style … enough said.

  17. Aronofsky and Gondry are always positives in my book, Kick-Ass with Matthew Vaughn is gonna be sick, but everyone is on Brody’s nuts for being a great actor…..Anyone remember the Mario Van Peebles classic gem Solo??? Maybe that’s where Rodriguez got the notion to bring him aboard since he was so awesome in it. and yes I do understand all actors need to start somewhere, I was just throwing that out there for argument’s sake

  18. @ noah

    Well, I’d rather watch a talented actor like Brody who may not seem fit for an action role than an established action “star” with no acting ability like Channing Tatum.

    It worked out OK for Matt Damon, so who knows?

  19. I absolutely agree, Tatum’s finest performance was the 90 seconds he spent in Public Enemies getting killed and not being heard from before or after

  20. @zero
    I saw the trailer for Legion a while back. That granny was uproarious, and I think the whole film looks like one of those “only watch it on a big screen for crazy shit” films, like The Exorcist (which was endlessly funny).

    Also, I’m from Australia, so a few films released in November/Decmeber in America are counted as 2010 films for us, such as The Men Who Stare At Goats, and Cirque du Freak.

  21. You’ve got two diCaprio movies here – is this a crush or what?

    Any movie where this guy pretends to be a man just turns out to be ridiculously unrealistic.

  22. Actually, the second AVP movie was rated R. It still sucked, but at least they tried to go back to the violence of the original. I would be more excited for it if not for (as you said) the casting.

  23. when is saw that ”kick ass” preview I was sold, the rest in your list just fell to nothing. not saying that they wont be as good or even better than”kick ass” but this is by far the most genius and original movie since lets say inglourious basterds.

    Its an original.

  24. I’m actually pretty excited about the Crazies, I was excited about Clash of the Titans till I heard it sucked. Altho to be fair the original was in the so bad its good category, so they didn’t have much to go off of.

    Kickass seems kinda meh to me, I’m interested in how Predators and The Expendables turn out.

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