15 Awesome Fat Guys in Movies


What is it about fat guys in movies?  Is it just that they’re funny looking or something?  Is there a jolly kind of quality to them?  Honestly I’m not 100% what the reason is, but I won’t deny the fact that an overweight character always seems to add a fun element to a film.

Whether it’s flapping their arms around in a small coat or displaying their drinking skills by downing a bottle of alcohol, the slobbish, overweight character will always be a staple in movies.

Here are 15 awesome fat guys in movies.

Tommy Calahan – Tommy Boy


Probably one of, if not the most classic fat guys in movie history.  The Amount of amazingness that came out of Chris Farley for this movie is unlimited.  I just hope this one clip does a bit of justice, even though I know it doesn’t.

The Kid – Bad Santa


You know how amazing this kid is?  He doesn’t even have a name!  In the IMDB profile for the movie he’s listed as “the kid.”  His real name is Brett Kelly and I love when he says “It’s a wooden pickle.”

House – Police Academy Movies or The Same Guy in Wildcats

Favorite House scene?  When he sits on the plane in Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach.  Other than that, I just like him.   In Wildcats his shining moment is blocking the kick at the end.

Bluto from Animal House

Other than Tommy Boy, Belushi’s character in this movie will also go down as one of the best in history.  Shining moment is definitely downing the bottle of Jack.

Walter Sobchak in Big Lebowski


“Dude, you’re being very undude.”

Dynamo in Running Man or Grossberger in Stir Crazy

This guy is known for his voice. Personally I found his character to be simply amazing in Stir Crazy.  Shining moment is when he sings the song “Birmingham Jail.”  And let’s not forget his opera voice in Running Man.  P.S. his real name is Erland Van Lidth.

Minnesota Fats in The Hustler


Who can ever forget this performance by Jackie Gleason?  One of the all time great fat guys.  Hell his name has the word fat in it.

Fat Bastard from Austin Powers Movies

I personally am not a fan of Fat Bastard but I couldn’t leave him off the list.  Seriously, he’s just too disgusting to look at for me to handle.

Uncle Buck or Any John Candy Character


I prefer Uncle Buck over most of John Candy’s characters but you can pretty much pick them all.   Shining moment in Uncle Buck?  “Have a rat gnaw that thing off your face.”

Chunk – Goonies

Do I even need to put an explanation here?

Bob From Fight Club


Meatloaf’s breasts definitely deserved a mention here.  “His name is Robert Paulson.”

Fat Boys – Disorderlies


Personally I think this is one of the most underrated comedies ever.  Of course it isn’t funny but the silliness of this movie makes me laugh my ass off.  It’s really the fattest fat boy but they’re all awesome.  Plus the entire movies has sounds from cartoons.  Great slapstick stuff.

Chubby – Teen Wolf


Why did he act so surprised when he hit a jumpshot in the state finals?  Dude, you’re on a team in the state finals.   I would hope you know how to shoot.  Same guy is Francis in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

Engleberg – Bad News Bears


This guy was AWESOME.  “Shut the damned door!”

Billy Bob – Varsity Blues

Has anyone seen what this dude looks like now?  He’s 100% thin and hasn’t appeared in a movie since well….Varsity Blues?  Actually no, he was in Not Another Teen Movie, but still.

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  1. Uhhh no, the kid’s name in Bad Santa is Thurman Merman.
    He says it quite a few times in the movie.
    And no i wouldn’t count Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen, they’re not fat like the rest of the characters listed.

  2. What would you consider Milton from Office Space?

    Cartman from the South Park Movie, Farva from Super Troopers, Bob from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Artie Lange’s character Sam from Dirty Work.

  3. There were so many great fat comedians in the movies pre-WWII. Just to name a few, John Bunny, Fatty Arbuckle, and Frank “Fatty” Alexander in the silents. They were followed by the immortal Oliver Hardy, and then Curly Howard. Billy Gilbert, and Eugene Pallette. In dramatic roles, there were Sydney Greenstreet and Francis L. Sullivan. None of these guys were fat slobs, Hardy in particular. They all had class, which guys like Farley do not have (although John Candy did).

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