Emperor Palpatine, as Voice by Mark Hamill’s Joker

Well here’s an interesting little experiment in voice-over work. What happens when you have Mark Hamill play opposite himself, by having Emperor Palpatine be voiced by Mark Hamill’s famed version of the Joker?

Awesomeness. Awesomeness happens.

Now, I’m not sure this concept needed to be 14 minutes long to prove its point, but a surprising amount of work went into this and it is rather fantastic. Palpatine becomes infinitely more interesting when Joker-fied, and it never stops being weird that Hamill is the one behind perhaps the most famous iteration of the Joker. Like, I know it’s common knowledge at this point, but it never stops being strange.

See the concept in action for yourself above.

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  1. I’ve always felt Hamill’s work in the Star Wars trilogy has been rather sadly overlooked by a lot of people. Particularly in this movie, he puts out some really excellent work.

    Nice to see these roles juxtaposed so well.

  2. They’ve done a great job, and the Bane monologue fits so well. Watching it does remind me of how great RoTJ is, even with Ewoks. That fight between Vader and Luke is about *character* as much as it is about action.

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