Photoshop Female Avengers Assemble

A few days ago, I may have linked to a photo that had Alison Brie photoshopped as Captain America. Turns out, there were a trio of these, and I thought they were worth featuring here.

There’s Brie/Rogers/Miss America below, along with Bullock/Stark/Iron Maiden. Above we have Thora, though I’m having trouble placing who they’ve cast here. Is that Amber Heard? If so, I approve.

This ain’t bad photoshopping either. It’s not just headswapping as they had to boob-ify entire costumes  which requires more than just a few clicks. Check out the full roster below via FanArtExhibit:

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  1. All kudos for the skill involved in any artistic enterprise including a fav of mine- super hero hotties but really? Sandra Bullock? Could you think of no one, any one, else?

  2. Enough with Gina Carano as She Hulk already. For god’s sake we are not in the 80’s. We don’t need to pain an actor green. We have CGI. The female version you need to cast is Bruce Banner not She Hulk who will be CGI.

  3. @talkof

    No, that is 100% not Yvonne and most likely Amber Heard.
    Also, agreed with Mr. B.
    Sandra Bullock…..really? like really really?

    Really loved the miss america and thora though.

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