Is This the Best Star Wars GIF Ever?

I don’t know about you guys but this might be one of the best Star Wars clips I’ve seen in a very long time.    I mean when you really think about it, it’s gotta be tough going up against that Death Star day after day.  Guys must be parched by the time they get back.

However, something tells me that this is before take off so what the hell man?  Are we to believe that Star Wars was promoting drinking and flying?  Not cool Mr. Lucas.  Not cool at all.

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  1. “Is This the Best Star Wars GIF Ever?”

    Yes. I’ve seen the .gif a few weeks ago, and it gave me time to reflect on just how special the making of A New Hope really was.

    And, uh, thanks for the link to

  2. For us tee-totalers in the Rebel Alliance, can someone tell me what brand that is? I’m thinking a Schiltz 32 oz – not Malt Liquor just a straight ol’ Schiltz.

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