When Disney Goes Steampunk

This isn’t the first time Disney has been combined with Steampunk, and it probably won’t be the last, but it is in fact, one of the better efforts to blend to the two styles from artist MecaniqueFairy.

And no, thankfully this collection is not princess centric as you  might imagine. Rather, it draws on characters from all over the Disney universe, even going so far as to feature the likes of Jack Skellington. Yes, that was Disney.

Some of these characters were made for Steampunk, like Pinnocchio and Hook, and others seem to be adapting nicely. Check out the gallery below:

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  1. Victoria, that is Clopin, one of the gypsies in “Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

    These are pretty cool…I agree about people like Captain Hook translating well. I want to see more from this universe…

  2. Steampunk? Captain Hook and Pinnochio are the only ones who really look steampunk at all…the rest just look like they have a little gold/bronze plating

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