They Call This Shot “The Tarantino”


I’m surprised it took this long for some observant moviegoer to notice this, but they’ve discovered a camera shot that populates literally every single one of Tarantino’s movies, an upward angle of the film’s heroes, looking at someone they have at their mercy.

I think going one step past this however, is examining Tarantino’s obsession with putting people in trunks. I think that’s what’s happening in every shot exception Inglourious Basterds, and I’m not sure what’s going on in Jackie Brown as I haven’t seen it.

It does kind of put you in the moment doesn’t it? Like a swastika is being carved on YOUR forehead.

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  1. “I’m surprised it took this long for some observant moviegoer to notice this, ”

    This picture is all over the internet today, and I was like: “you guys didn’t know this already?”
    What’s next? A picture of bared feet in QT-movies?

  2. “I’m surprised it took this long for some observant moviegoer to notice this…”

    Well no, it didn’t. QT had a shot looking out from the inside of a trunk in each of his films (IB doesn’t even belong in this list, since it is his first film not to have this specific shot). It’s not like this was a well kept secret.

  3. The Jackie Brown scene does involve putting someone in a truck. Samuel L. Jackson is trying to convince Chris Tucker to get into the trunk of his car.

  4. They’re looking at guns in the pulp fiction scene. Also, this hasn’t just been discovered. Pulp Fiction special features tell you he does this in every movie.

  5. It hasn’t taken anyone this long to notice anything. He’s talked about this shot in interviews many times. I remember hearing about it around the time of kill bill. Though I’ve never seen it put together in pictures.

  6. yea this is definitely well known to tarantino addicts (like myself). he does it in every movie. its more of a camera shot than an actual putting people in the trunk fetish, which only happens in reservoir dogs and jackie brown. i never noticed it in IB, though. however, he does have a foot fetish…

  7. This has been mentioned by quite a few moviemen and is definitely considered one of his trademarks… along with the whole feet fetish ting he’s got going on…

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