A Look Back At Christian Bale Through the Years

Empire of the Sun

Christian Bale is by far one of the biggest actors in Hollywood right now.   But it’s not like the guy has always been there.  Granted Bale has been in a ton movies, but bottom line is that he’s not just a star, he’s a superstar.

He started at an extremely young age and worked his way up like anyone else.  I mean you don’t get to the whole flipping out on set and that being the biggest news on earth in just a day.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to chronicle Bale through the years.


The Early Years – 1987-1997

In these years Bale was just establishing himself as an actor.  He got some solid roles and I’ve selected three movies below that I think we relevant to him eventually getting the roles that would lead to stardom.

Empire of the Sun – 1987


Personally I think this may have been the best performance of his entire career.  And only at the age of 12.

Newsies – 1992

It’s just hard seeing Bale in a musical.  But you have to admit, the guy had a great accent in this flick.

Swing Kids – 1993


Excellent performance as a Nazi in this film.

Road To Stardom – 1997 -2005

Don’t worry Equilibrium fans.  I know all about this movie.  I just didn’t put it in here because I believe these films are connected in some way.  Metroland was a first look at the sexual side of Bale.  Then when American Psycho came out people saw that this guy was ripped.  The ripped body persona carried through in Reign of Fire.  Still though, Equilibrium kicked ass.

Metroland – 1997


What’s up with those sideburns?

American Psycho – 2000

I think this marked the turning point in his career.

Reign of Fire – 2002

The movie may have been mediocre but this was Bale’s beginning of action fame.

The Machinist- 2004

Another movie that showed his versatility as an actor and to me, lead to stardom.

Superstardom – 2005 – Present

Look, when you’re selected to play Batman it’s safe to say you’ve reached superstardom status.   And then John Connor?  The guy is here to stay and will be on top for a while.

Batman Begins – 2005


Not nearly as good as Dark Knight but a very cool movie.

The Prestige – 2006


This is one of my favorite movies.

Terminator Salvation – 2009


I’m glad I never saw this.

And Now?


Now he’s gonna play a cracked out boxer.  How about that?

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  1. Personally I am in love with Velvet Goldmine. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale, lots of homoeroticism and a good dose of full-frontal nudity….it’s a girl’s dream!

  2. Great Actor! Actually for me the best and for me these are his highest characters: Rescue Dawn, American Psycho and The Machinist. You don´t know anything about him if you haven’t seen these movies. Bale you are the BEST!

  3. Bale and Depp rule the movie world!! They are my 2 faves, both extremely talented in whatever they take on, not to metion awesome-looking too!! He’s the best Batman ever and has made some really awesome movies that only “Baleheads” would know about-“Rescue Dawn, “Harsh Times,” etc….Bale–you rock!! Lorintaz

  4. Terminator Salvation is actually quite a good film. The last film I saw was Mars Attacks in the cinema in 1997, and T:S really impressed me. It’s not overdone and it’s not -that- cliche’d (apart from wise cracking grunts and ‘strong’ female grunt leads). It doesn’t feature SB that much.

  5. @ David

    With all due respect, if the last time you saw a movie (in a theater, did you mean to say?) was in 1997, I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t know the difference between a good and bad movie.

  6. Quite a good (if brief) review on Bale’s career. What an awesome actor, I love his talent, versatility, and the flawed characters he chooses.
    You missed out on Harsh Times, girl… the movie wasn’t that good, but Bale’s performance was jaw-dropping good as the psycho-like retired army guy.

  7. Great Actor… The Dark Knight is by far the best Hero “I’m Not A Hero, I’m Whatever Gotham Needs Me To Be” movie ever!!

    Bale and others… even the extras are amazing in the film. His Batman is one of the best if not the best.

    But as a fan of Batman I have to say that Mike Keeton(sp) was and still is the gold standard. Bale is the new new Platinum Standard!

    Many thanks for the list.

  8. You should’ve mentioned All The Little Animals. Not a well known movie, but he was BRILLIANT in it! He was playing a mentally challenged guy, and left both Hanks and DiCaprio in his dust, IMO!

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