Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Little Darlings

Yes I admit it.  I’ve seen Little Darlings.   Yes, I’ve seen a movie about two virgin girls at summer camp that make a bet with each other about who can lose their virginity first.  And yes I did feel the testosterone draining from my body as I watched this movie.

But there are some things about this film I kind of liked.  First of all, in 1980 Tatum O’Neal was incredibly hot.  I would imagine if I were 15 years old during that year I’d have gone to see that movie just because of her.

Second of all Kristy McNichol was kind of a sweetheart back then as well.  And third of all, you got guys like Matt Dillon and Armand Asante in this movie!  Plus it’s a “summer camp” movie so it’s kind of fun.  Most stupid summer camp movies are fun so this one isn’t really any different.  It’s got your usual food fighting and pajama party action.  Plus tons of silly. stupid one liners.

Believe me I don’t blame you if you don’t want to see it but it’s not a horrible way to kill time. 

Wow this is so old school it’s not even fair.

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