The Five Most Badass Russian Villains in Movies

Iron Man 2

Let’s face it.  There’s just something much cooler and more intimidating about a guy with a Russian accent.  It’s like you immediately think of the Russian Mafia or World War III and that just scares the hell out of me.  Unfortunately Russians aren’t really portrayed as the greatest people in American movies but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly badass.

And with the most recent badass, Mickey Rourke signing on for Iron Man 2, the Russian villain legacy appears to be moving in the right direction.

Here’s a look at who I think the five most badass Russian villains are in movies

Ivan Drago – Rocky IV

You don’t have a list like this without Ivan Drago.  It’s just not possible.  Dolph Lundgren has literally 3-4 lines in this movie and it makes your stomach toss when he speaks.   I remember seeing this as a kid and crying when he kills Apollo.  What a stud.

Teddy KGB – Rounders

Yeah I know that Malkovich has a funny ass accent in this movie but you can’t tell me this dude isn’t tough.  He wears a Mr. Rogers sweater, eats Oreos, and just doesn’t give a flying f*ck.  Why?  Because he’s Russian Mafia and owns shit that’s why.

Sergeant Yushin – Rambo


Yeah Rambo winds up kicking his ass but Yushin doesn’t even speak the entire movie!  He just screams.  And let’s face it, he’s awfully intimidating.  His boss is a little wuss though.

Ivan Korshunov – Air Force One

Gary Oldman is the man.  Period.  How this guy hasn’t won an Oscar is 100% beyond me.

Whiplash – Iron Man 2

Nope.  I haven’t seen the movie yet but come on.  You toss in the Black Sabbath music, long hair, thick accent, and Iron Man capability and you’ve got yourself one scary villain.

*Bonus – Nikolai in Eastern Promises

While Nikolai is a good guy I had to mention how badass he is.  Clearly this is one of if not the coolest and toughest Russian characters in any movie.

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