It Never Ends: Disney Meets Sailor Moon

Disney Sailor Moon 8

Alright, I swear I’m not purposefully seeking these out, they simply just keep coming to me like I’m a magnet for Disney Princess art. It’s starting to get a little weird frankly.

That said, I’m still not about to start turning any character revamps away. Though we have to be running out of a crossovers and redesigns at some point, right? Right??

But that day is not today, and we now have a new series of Disney Princess pictures from anime artist Drachea Rannak. She’s given them Sailor Moon style makeovers which pretty much means big eyes, long legs and frilled out cheerleader skirts. And she has done the WHOLE nine yards of not just Disney princesses, but “heroines” in general including Alice, Wendy, hell even Toy Story’s Jesse. Check them the rest out below:

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  1. See comment under Disney Princes in college. I agree with you Paul. I bet if the author sent a picture of himself it’ll look like the “griefer” from the Make Love, Not Warcraft episode of South Park, then it will turn real weird.

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