15 Awesome Behind the Scenes Pics of Alien

I’m not sure how many of you are going to go see Prometheus when it comes out in June but it’s definitely getting some buzz because of its ties to Alien.   Personally I think it’s a good move by Ridley Scott to go back to his thriller Sci-Fi roots and see if he can drum up the new generation audience to like a modern day Alien type movie.

Now, how good the movie will be is an entirely different subject altogether.   However, speaking of Alien, I came across these awesome photos of the original film.  Photos that you probably haven’t seen because they weren’t readily available until recently.

Check out these awesome behind the scenes shots of Alien.


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  1. Is it just me or does the alternate skull-faced version of the alien not seem way more terrifying? Imagine that face coming out of the darkness at you…

  2. The human skull design sat underneath a translucent dome. In most scenes it’s too dark to see into but now and then if the creature is backlit you can see the hit of the structure underneath.

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