Return of the Fresh Prince

Well I’ll be damned if this isn’t the greatest thing I’ve seen all day. For some reason or another, the cast of the Fresh Prince all reunited. I believe it was for a charity event hosted by Hillary (Karyn Parsons) who still has that awesome hair.

I’m trying to figure out who the guy on the far left is. People are saying it’s Joesph Marcell (Geoffrey), but it doesn’t really look like him to me, even if he’s aged. Everyone else is easily recognizable.

And naturally Aunt Vivian is nowhere to be seen, as she was the subject of some controversy on the show, getting replaced halfway through. Still, cool to see them all together. If I was at this charity thing, I would have payed Alfonso Ribeiro $10,000 to do the Carlton dance one more time.

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  1. Not to mention that guy is nearly the same height as James Avery – Geoffrey was significantly shorter.

    If I’m remembering right it looks like it could be the guy that played Will’s father.

  2. He’s a random person. Here’s the People Magazine article that says

    “The photo shows Smith posing with a part of his TV family, the Banks: James Avery (Uncle Phil), Karyn Parsons (Hillary), Alfonso Riberio (Carlton) and Tatyana Ali (Ashley).

    A third man in the photograph, which was taken at a charity event for Sweet Blackberry, which was founded by Parsons, was not identified. ”,,20556484,00.html

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