Dexter Review: “Ricochet Rabbit”

Hooray, finally the first episode of Dexter practically all year where I don’t have to spend most of it lamenting the stupid, impeding plot twist of Gellar and Travis being one and the same.

That speculation was finally put to rest last week when it was revealed that yes, Travis had killed Gellar over three years ago, and had been hallucinating seeing and taking orders from him ever since.

But now the question is what has happened to Travis? The escape victim said she heard and old man and a young man’s voice, and so when Dexter witnessed Travis talking to himself outside the church, shouldn’t he have been voicing both halves of the conversation?

“Yes, I’m insane. Let’s move on.”

Now Travis doesn’t seem to need to go into “Gellar blackouts” at all and since the realization that he did kill Gellar, is now all-evil himself. It may make the plot more coherent going forward, but if you stop and think for a few seconds, there are a TON of plotholes with this that are too many to even go into, and to all of a sudden just flip a switch and have Travis be evil all the time is kind of an easy way out.

Dexter is kicking himself for ever listening to Brother Sam about mercy, or else Travis would have been dead long ago and this whole thing would have been stopped. But now, the final tableau is at hand, Wormwood, the poison star that will make an appearance in the form of a poison gas bomb at Miami Metro.

Travis, for some reason, inexplicably felt the need to recruit more followers to help him with his work. Seeing as he now realizes he’s been working solo this entire time, I’m not sure why he decided to recruit these people now. And furthermore, taking them from videos posted to his blog is just begging the police to investigate them, which of course ended up happening not like three hours after they’re recruited. And now with one already dead, it seems stupid they were even brought into the show at all, and merely served as a nonsensical plot device to get Dexter and the police back on Travis’s trail.

“Well hey there! I’d love to kill some sinners! Just give me a call at 555-6039.”

Also, it took decades of psychological anguish and disease to get Travis to where he is now. You’re telling me he’s able to get two people to start murdering women in cold blood in the name of God a few hours after meeting them? I just hated this entire development for many, many reasons.

Now the show becomes a bit like 24 as Dexter steps in for Jack Bauer as he races to find the chemical weapon before it detonates. I like that he finally had to break down and call the police for help, as he realized his solo quest for revenge could result in a ton more people dying. He’s usually one step ahead of the cops, but there’s only so much he can do by himself, and in this case, it was nice to see that internal shift.

Quinn’s dicking around finally had some real consequences, as he let Batista get clocked and probably kidnapped as he failed to show up to have his back. I think Deb is starting to have a breakthrough with her psychiatrist that she doesn’t quite understand yet. It appears that she might actually be in love with her brother. That sort of reveal would be a little too out there for this show, but honestly, that’s what it seems like at the moment.

Lewis is a sad panda.

And then we come to Lewis, who I thought was the most interesting person of last episode as it was revealed he bought the ice truck killer hand. And tonight the twist was revealed. His video game is actually about BEING a serial killer! Ta-da! Now, on the surface this sounds like yet another stupid and misleading subplot the way they’ve been all season. I do however, have a tiny, tiny bit of hope that there is in fact more to it than that. Either he’s a killer himself, or he wants that “vicarious thrill” so badly, he might start doing it himself. It also seems like he may know Dexter’s secret, as I do like the whole tracking his search engine theory, and he makes statements like “Dexter never makes mistakes, does he?” So the jury is still out on the relevancy of all this, but I’m hoping there’s more to him than meets the eye.

As for the stupid LaGuerta/Daniels/Deb hooker plotline? I’ve no idea how that will work itself out, but I really hope Daniels kills himself out of despair and the bullet goes through his office wall and takes out LaGuerta at the same time.

All the cards are on the table with Doomsday now, both with the schitzo reveal and the poison gas being the final tableau. After that, the world ends, and unless Travis has about 40 nukes up his sleeve, I don’t think there’s much he can do to help that along.



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