My Seven Favorite Supporting Primetime Cartoon Characters of All-Time

There are so many “small part” characters in shows out there that it’s really tough to classify what they are exactly.  I mean we know that they enhance the show in some way.  But what is considered just a supporting character and what is a bit character?  It’s not an easy thing to deduce but I will try in today’s topic.

Today I wanted to focus on supporting characters in prime time cartoons.   So these would fall in the realm of “regular” recurring characters but not ones you’d consider the “stars” of the show.  So for example. anyone outside the Simpsons family would quality, and so on.

Anyway, here are my seven favorites of all time….

Leopold “Butters” Stotch – South Park

Man, does it get better than Butters?  He has slowly developed into what I’d consider one of the best all-time characters on South Park.  What makes him so funny is yes, he’s gullible.  We know that.  But there’s an almost “smart” quality, a recognizable awareness of his character that comes out at times and it’s simply hilarious.   I freakin’ love Butters.

Glenn Quagmire – Family Guy

If I had to take a guess I would say every single male out there would agree with me on this one.   Quagmire is the ultimate bachelor.  He’s really a reformation (a better one) of Larry from Three’s Company.   I’ve never seen a character more degrading to women in such an “acceptable” way in all my life.   Alllllright!

Carl Brutananadilewski – Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Well there are two reasons for this selection.  One.  I still think this character goes down as one of the best Halloween costumes ever.  Second, he’s actually pretty damned funny.   Well, funny to look at.  Still though, Carl will always be in anyone’s heart who likes ATHF.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon – The Simpsons

That’s one hell of a last name isn’t it?  Of all the Hank Azaria sidebar characters I’d have to go with Apu the most.   I mean there are just so many on the Simpsons that it’s really really hard to pick one but Apu is a staple on the show and always will be.   Sure it’s a bit stereotyped but come on.  Apu is awesome.

Timmy – South Park

I had to put Timmy in here.  Why?  Because how many characters do you know in any show that say one word that are this awesome?  Seriously, they’ve made more mileage out of the name “Timmy” than anyone ever could.  And yet every time he says Timmy it’s still funny.  How is that possible?

Mr. Van Driessen – Beavis and Butthead

I would have gone with Butthead’s neighbor.  That due who they based Hank Hill’s character on but I gotta go with Driessen on this.  He’s a hippy school teacher with an unorthodox way of instilling peace in his students.  Oh let’s just face it.  He’s a weak weak man and it’s really funny to watch him when he gets trampled on.

Mayor Adam West – Family Guy

I think I just find it completely amusing that it’s Adam West.  How many guys play themselves as cartoons and get away with it?  It’s just awesome.  Seriously, it is.

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  1. And here I thougth from the first picture you were going to pick Spider Pig from the Simpsons =) Or I guess you could have gone Harry Plopper (I just watched that movie again the other day…not the greatest but I loved that pig)

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