The Top Five Satisfying TV Deaths of 2017

There are many fantastic storylines and scenes from television in 2017 that are memorable. They are what kept viewers tuned in to their favorite TV shows throughout the year. One variety of storyline that has entertained many fans is the death scenes, Viewers have felt emotional when one of their favorite characters id killed off and delighted when a show’s villain finally meets his maker. Although there are many deaths to choose between, here are five of the most satisfying TV deaths of 2017.

1. Perry Wright- Big Little Lies

Without any doubt, the most satisfying TV death of the year is that of rapist and abuser Perry Wright. There were many scenes last year that viewers found difficult to watch as the character, played by Alexander Skarsgard, repeatedly abused his wife. Another woman was raped years ago and this led to her having a child. When she goes in search of the rapist, she immediately recognizes Perry as the man who abused her and fathered her child. In the death scene, the women host a party and then throw Perry down the stairs.

2. Petyr Baelish- Game of Thrones

In one of the goriest scenes from last year’s season of ‘Game of Thrones’, Petyr Baelish is killed by Arya on the orders of her sister Sansa. She kills Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, by slitting his throat. Viewers were glad to see this character go as he had already been sentenced to death for murder and treason.

3. Chuck McGill- Better Call Saul

In the first two seasons of ‘Better Call Saul’, viewers learned that Chuck McGill had an extreme fear of electricity. In season three, McGill’s life began to spiral out of control once he had left his law firm. His life finally came to an end when he was killed by one of the things he feared the most- an electric lamp.

4. Norman Bates- Bates Motel

Producers are always looking for ways to end a series with a bang and they certainly succeeded in the series finale of ‘Bates Motel’ when they killed off the main character. Bates comes to terms with what he has done, and this results in the end of his Mother persona. His greatest desire is to be reunited with her and he is happy to die to achieve this. As a way of killing himself, he runs towards his brother Dylan who then shoots him.

5. Olenna Tyrell-Game of Thrones

As there is so much violence in ‘Game of Thrones’, it is little wonder that a second death has made it onto this list. Although Olenna Tyrell was one of the loved characters on the show, her death scene was still very satisfying. Throughout the series, this character has been terrorized by the Lannisters. She dies when Jaime poisons her but her death is not instant. She has enough time to confess that she was responsible for Joffrey’s death and also uses the dramatic moment to throw her final insults at Cersei.

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