Lost Tarot Cards Will Spell Your Doom


As I mentioned earlier, as Lost draws to a close, I’m cramming in as much cool Lost stuff to the site as I can before the finale, and what I found here definitely qualifies. I’m not sure which are cooler, this series of Lost tarot cards from artist Alex Griendling, or the minimalist Lost pictures I showed you last week. But whatever, there’s room on the earth for both awesome art projects.

It’s pretty clear who most of the cards represent here, though I can’t quite place The Enigma, though I guess that’s kind of the point.  Oh, upon closer inspection, the caption is telling me it’s the Island itself. Gotcha. In fact, all the cards explain who they are if you zoom in enough, which you can do here at Griendling’s Flickr page.

Who’s pumped for tonight? I know I am, alterverse bullshit and all!

[via Geekologie]

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