The Top 10 South Park Songs of All Time


Last week, Paul gave you guys a list of the Top 10 Disney songs of all time.  Admittedly, most of them were pretty good, and I was happy to see my guiltiest pleasure ever – “Kiss the Girl” – coming in at number four.  Disney songs are sentimental, sweet, and often quite powerful.

If Disney is on one end of the spectrum, then South Park must be on the other.  I’ve been watching South Park since…well, since it began, and it’s amazing how quickly Matt and Trey can crank out catchy and hilarious tunes.  Enjoy the top 10 South Park songs after the jump.  Even if you don’t agree, at least you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Some songs are predictably NSFW.

10.  The Lemmiwinks Song

I love how the song mirrors something you’d hear in The Hobbit cartoon movie, which I’m sure was intentional.  Everyone remembers the first time they saw the Lemmiwinks episode.

9.  Fingerbang

Fingerbang could have been bigger than the Jonas Brothers with the right marketing.  It’s pretty awesome how Matt and Trey can produce so many different styles of music, including shallow pop marketed toward young girls.

8.  The Circle of Poo

Mr. Hankey explains how poo is the basis for all life as we know it.  Poetic, huh?  There were a few Mr.Hankey songs to choose from, but I felt that The Circle of Poo was the most, uh, profound.

7.  A Lonely Jew on Christmas

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can empathize with Kyle’s frustration.  I love when he sings in Hebrew.

6.  Come Out of the Closet

The concept itself is very funny, but mimicking R. Kelly’s ridiculous style of singing and the stupid soap opera-esque themes in his songs makes this song downright hilarious.

5.  What What in the Butt

Just wow.  Butters is the best.  It’s great that Butters’ video (which isn’t embedded because of copyright Nazis) is exactly like the bizarre type of shit you see on YouTube all the time.

4.  Chocolate Salty Balls

Back before he was a brainwashed Scientologist, Isaac Hayes was giving instructions on how to suck on his chocolate salty balls.  Sounds delicious.

3.  Uncle F*cker

Maybe the most immature song of all time, complete with dueling farts.  As a bonus, it’s as catchy as it is funny.

2.  Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch

The best Cartman song ever; it’s his Magnum Opus, perfected for the South Park movie.  Nothing beats the African tribal version.

1.  Gay Fish

I’m like still laughing from the first time I ever saw this episode.  The song itself is brilliant, and in my opinion, the best song ever to be on an episode of South Park.

Honorable Mention:  The Homo Rainbow by Ween

Ween is the most underrated band in the world.  Just thought I’d put that on the table.

What South Park songs do you think should have made the top 10?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Ahaha, great list. My favourites are definitely “What What in The Butt” and “Fingerbang”. Man, when I first saw the fingerbang episode I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    Honorable Mention would go to “Blame Canada” for me.

  2. Where is “Imaginationland”? Classic song. Whoever wrote the lyrics was a genius.

    Haha. But yeah, Gay Fish may be one of the best songs EVER written for a single episode of tv

  3. @ IcemanD

    “Blame Canada” is great; was even nominated for an Oscar…but to me, it doesn’t have the same biting humor as many other South Park songs.

    @ Josh

    I liked the Imaginationland trilogy a ton, but the song didn’t stick out as particulalry memorable. Glad you agree on Gay Fish, though!

  4. OMG hahahaha yes the African Tribe singing kyles moms a bitch was the highlight of that song for me and I still get a kick out of it everytime…oh and the Circle of Poo episode on last night on the CW network…S.P.’s on everynight on that channel monday through friday 12:30-1:30 am eastern standard time for all you people who dont have cable but still like to enjoy south park..that includes me

  5. @ Ted

    I love Cartman singing Poker Face, but no, it’s really just him singing the Lady Gaga song. I think that for a song to be considered a “South Park song,” it should have been an original.

  6. basically anything with cartman, or the song in the MJ episode, there is a whole bunch of singing but there is one part were cartman and MJ sing together on the little train (sounds wierd huh)

  7. You guys keep bringing up other songs they’ve done but then commented that they are just covers of other songs, yet nobody seems to comment on “What what in the butt.” That was a cover as well. That was a viral video on YouTube that they did a cover of with Butters. It is hilarious because everything Butters does is the same as what’s in the original video, but according to your standards, it, too, is not a “South Park” song.

  8. the best ever for me is Uncle Fucker, soundtrack of asses of fire xD i still laugh with that one, in fact i had it in my cell but i didn’t notice my brother put it as ringtone and i were at class when it rang, everyone laughed xD.

    i also love Timmy’s song.

  9. ‘Let’s Fighting Love’ is by far the best original South Park song. ‘Up There’ from the movie should be on the top ten too.

    My favorite SP songs, in no particular order (apart from Let’s Fighting Love):

    1. Let’s Fighting Love (Simply the best!)
    Gay Fish
    Up There (So very Disney)
    Heat of the moment
    Merry Fucking Christmas
    Stinky Brigdes (the Marilyn Manson version)
    The Prostitute Song (Chef feat. James Taylor)
    Alabama Man
    Believe by “Cher”
    Vote or Die

    Honorable mention:
    —>Every single song in the “Christian Rock Hard” episode<—

  10. @ D

    Some good ones on your list. But as for “Let’s Fighting Love,” the song itself isn’t that great, IMO. it works because it goes perfectly with the ridiculous anime episode.

  11. Youtube links:

    Let’s Fighting Love (Simply the best!):;

    Up There (So very Disney):

    Heat of the moment:;

    Merry Fucking Christmas:

    Stinky Brigdes (the Marilyn Manson version):

    The Prostitute Song (Chef feat. James Taylor):

    Alabama Man (couldn’t find a video in english)

    Believe by “Cher”:

    Vote or Die:

    Honorable mention:
    —>Every single song in the “Christian Rock Hard” episode<—:

  12. Just thought i’d give a mention to ‘Live to win’ from the episode ‘Make love not Warcraft’, a really good song in my opinion and the episode was legendary!

  13. Great list! But they just reran “douche and turd” here and the “Vote or Die” parody was pretty funny. I’d give it an honorable mention (but there’s nothing on your list that didn’t belong there.)

  14. Pearl Harbour Sucked is from Team America. What about Sexual Harrassment Panda, Fightin’ ‘Round The World, There’s Something In My Front Pocket For You ? They all crack me up!

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