Eight Surprisingly Touching Commercials


It’s been quite the week for touching commercials, between the now-famous Google ad and the absolutely amazing seat belt ad I featured recently.  This inspired me to try and find past examples of other ads that pulled on the heartstrings, and I have to say, it was pretty damn hard to find some. Maybe my searching skills were off, but I only found a handful of truly good ones, and for some reason, the best ones are all Thai, as in, from Thailand. I guess they know their drama over there. Those are the best ones I believe, and it’s amazing how much emotion they can cram into a minute and a half. See “My Son” for a prime example of this.

Check out the best ones I could find below, and let me know if you think I missed any, and I’ll post them at the end if they’re worthy.

1. The Delivery


2. The Haircut

3. The Pianist


4. My Son


5. Appearances are Deceiving

6. Pedigree


7. Salute

8. The Violinist


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