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Some Awesome Posters of Some Very Bad Dudes

It’s a rare occasion that I find a fabulous artist NOT through DeviantArt, but Rampaged Reality pointed me in the direction of Adam Sidwell, the man behind this awesome collection of posters.

He aims to make posters for a bunch of “bad dudes” of pop culture, and pretty much everyone you’ll see here meets that description in some form or another.

The best part about all this? All of these works and more are available in poster format at his site here, which is a change from most of the art projects we usually feature here. I think I’m picking up the Geth one for myself.

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  1. @arafax
    I’m pretty sure that’s daniel plainview from there will be blood.
    As for the others, all awesome. With my favorites being omar and the bebop and rocksteady ones.

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