If Only Stupid Decisions Got Changed in Movies

It doesn’t happen all that often but there are definitely things in movies that piss us off in the sense of “if only they had done that this movie would be cut in half.”  I mean let’s face it.  Movies and television make it such that the actors have to experience challenges that are completely unnecessary.

As a result mistakes are made and paths are taken that give the plot some extra juice.  Most times that juice doesn’t really need to be there.  Here are five funny examples in movies that could have been shorted greatly by the following corrections…..

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  1. like them all, but on the “hangover” one, noone thinks straight after a normal hangover, so it probably would have taken a day to connect those dots

  2. I haven’t read Lord of the Rings, so this is why I am asking this: aren’t the eagles part of the book? If they are indeed a Holywood artifice, then that particular example has a lot of relevance… if they are part of the book tho, blame it on Tolkien…

    *makes note to self: MUST…. READ…. LOTR!!!!* *faints*

  3. The eagles are indeed part of the book but it’s also insinuated that if they’d tried simply flying into Mordor they would have been stuck full of arrows and eaten by Fell Beasts before they’d gotten within sight of the mountain.

  4. LOTR – Explained above. The Hangover – they were pretty hungover. Gladiator – Underestimation. Pulp Fiction – One of the points of the movie was to make hitmen more human, so he made a very human mistake. 300 – Pretty stupid but maybe they didn’t want him there because of some arrogant Spartan honor. And ROTS – maybe chopping offf his former best friend’s head was one step too far, he thought he was going to die and it wasn’t as if he pushed him into the lava. Phew

  5. Also, the eagles are said to be proud beings (not just animals). Riding an eagle is more than just hopping on the back of one and flying off, you gotta get permission from them. The one Gandalf escaped on in Fellowship, I think, owed Gandalf some kind of debt…

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