Movie Recommendation for the Weekend: Ip Man

Hey all, before I head out to go see The Hobbit in high framerate and barf my eyes out, I figured I’d give you a Netflix movie recommendation for the weekend in case you can’t make it out the theater.

It’s called Ip Man, and is a kung-fu movie in the purest form. It’s based on the (somewhat) true story of the real life Ip Man, a Chinese kung-fu master who stood up to the Japanese in World War II, and went on to be one of the greatest martial arts masters of all time. He actually taught Bruce Lee.

It’s a phenomenal film, both from a fighting and acting perspective. Donnie Yen is fantastic as the zen master Ip, who rarely lets anything get to him despite his immense potential for violence. But when the Japanese show up and start hurting and murdering his friends? It’s mother****ing go time.

Seriously, check it out if you have ANY interest in martial arts films, or just like good movies in general. It’s not cheesy like some old-school kung-fu flicks are, and it’s incredibly well shot and acted in addition to having truly impressive  reality-based fighting. There’s a sequel as well, though I haven’t gotten to it yet.

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  1. Ip Man is one of my favorite martial arts movies. I love that Ip Man was Bruce Lee’s teacher. That scene where he take son all ten men at once is so epic.

  2. Also, good luck seeing The Hobbit. I hear everything I thought was going to be wrong with it is actually true. You know, like how the first 100 pages (first 1/3) of the book have no action and are bound to produce a shockingly boring movie when you split the book into three movies?

  3. Smokin’ hot recommendation. The first IP is very solid. I had a few nits that I picked with it when I saw it, but it still gets a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

    As for the sequels, the only one really worth its salt was IP MAN: THE BEGINNING (I think it’s called). It’s clearly not as inspired as the first one, but it has some very nice moments.

  4. Ip man 2 is pretty good as well. Except for anything involving the boxing matches. God I hope that really happened like that because it’s so dumb that I can’t imagine anyone would have thought it would be a good idea. But I love the gang fight in the fish market and fight on the table.

  5. the first IP man is the best film for sure, but the “sammo hung vs donnie yen” fight on an unstable table in ip man 2 is one of the most epic fight ever! they probably used some wire, what I generaly dislike, but they don’t make 100 feets jump that make it totally obvious, so I don’t care much this time!

  6. Ip Man is a solid film, and Donnie Yen totally restarted his career after this.

    The Sammo vs Donnie matchup was THE fight to watch in the sequel! It is so awesome that it totally blew the rest of the battles later (supposedly the climax) out of the water.

    Ip Man did have a series of matches against the colonial powers’ champions and won, and he WAS poisoned to death, but of course dramatic liberties have been taken.

    On a somewhat less related note, Donnie Yen vs Jet Li in Once Upon a Time in China II was also a fantastic fight.

  7. Pepper, You’re confusing Ip Man, who died at age 79 in Hong kong from throat cancer, with Huo Yuanjia who fought said champions and may have died from arsenic poisoning.

  8. i love the movie’s action, but i hated how much anti japanese nationalism was in this movie. ESPECIALLY that one japanese commander whose look was basically pulled from every racist jap poster during that time. even the way he spoke was stereotypical. other than that…good movie!

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