Movie Recommendation of the Week: Once Bitten

OK here’s the deal with this recommendation.   It’s easily one of the worst movies of all time.  However,  I know there’s a contingent out there who once thought that Jim Carrey was the funniest guy in the world.   And during that time that you loved him, you wanted to see every movie he was in before he was famous.   That’s where Once Bitten comes in.

It’s one of the dumbest movies in history about a female vampire who needs to survive by turning a male virgin into a vampire.   While the entire movie can be void if she just bit some little kid, she decides to go after Carrey’s character.   And oddly enough she bits on the groin and not the neck.

Carrey has two ridiculously lame friends.  The female vampire is played by Lauren Hutton and her “butler” is Cleavon Little, the black guy in Blazing Saddles.   Again, this is a horrible movie but you see some vintage Carrey in it.   He does a funny Robert De Niro impression and displays some funny dance moves.  If not for these moments I wouldn’t have brought the movie up.

Anyway, watch at your own risk.  Trailer after the jump….


Wow this is horrible.

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