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Well, there seem to be quite a few “official” trailers coming out this week to trailers that I’ve already posted before. You guys don’t mind if you watch the “OFFICIAL” ones to make up for the “teaser” ones that I had apparently bestowed upon you … do you? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Let’s do this.

Young Ones

Seems like a sci-fi western without the big blockbuster budget. Which I’m a fan of most of the time. Looks intriguing to say the least. (Will I see this? – maybe)



I stand firm of what I said last time about this movie … little creepy dolls should not be messed with. By far the scariest part of the Conjuring (other than the clap game) …  (Will I see this? – nope)


White Bird in a Blizzard

At first I thought it was another indie teen drama…turns out it’s a lucid drug trip with Eva Green haunting my dreams. (Will I see this? – rental)



HE … JUST … WON’T … STOP! … sigh. (Will I see this? – nope)


Open Windows

Why is it that Elijah could be in the biggest movie trilogies ever and yet does nothing but these no name films? It doesn’t look awful, but who knows. (Will I see this? – rental)



I’m impressed with this new spin on bringing the idea of werewolves into a modern day movie. At first I wrote it off as another “people die in the woods” type thing – but it turns out it’s a bit more than that. (Will I see this? – maybe)


The Tale of Princess Kaguya
One from Studio Ghibli that I think might be their best yet. The animation looks AMAZING and personally from the trailer, it seems as if the sound mixing/editing is top notch. (Will I see this? – yes, if my theater gets it)


Men, Women, & Children

I think that this is a movie that is late to the party. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Disconnect and then watch this trailer again. I think they’re one in the same. (Will I see this? – rental)


It’s as if someone wanted to combine District 9 with I Robot. I’m not sure Banderas can hold the weight of the film on his shoulders – but here’s hoping. (Will I see this? – maybe)


Miss Meadows

Katie Holmes is back! Well, at least in front of the camera again. I’m not sure about it but at least it doesn’t look as bad as you might expect. (Will I see this? – rental)


This is a perfect example of a trailer mixing great music along with some amazing talent by Gyllenhaal. This is a much better trailer than the teaser and now I’m actually sold on this. (Will I see this? – yes)


The Woman In Black: Angel of Death
The first one showed that Harry Potter could do more than be Harry Potter. Plus it had some genuine scares in it. This being a sequel from that without Potter seems like a lost cause. (Will I see this? – nope)


So that seems to be all that I could find on the interwebs this week my friends. Did anyone go see the Expendables this past weekend? How about the Giver? Surely you’re not going to go see Sin City 2 … but if you do – please let me know if it’s any good. (the first one was such a great adaptation in my opinion…)

What do you guys think about this week’s trailers? Any of them peak your interest? Sound off in the comments below. Yeah, I actually want to hear from you. Any trailers I might’ve missed? Take care and enjoy your movie filled weekend!


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