Eight Of The Worst Boyfriends In Movies

We see it all the time – good girls falling for bad boys. Hollywood is filled with stories like these, where the main girl decides to date the jerk instead of the nice fellow. Sometimes, though, these guys turn out to be more than just jerks – they’re killers, living a double life and they seduce people with their charm.

I’ve come up with a short list of eight of the worst movie boyfriends in cinema. Some of them are just high school dudes looking to score, others tend to have some very deadly vices. Here they are.

Cal Hockley – Titanic

Rose wasn’t the best behaved fiance. She acted childish and should’ve broken up with Cal before cheating on him with Jack. Still, Cal had no right to slap her around. Cal is the worst type of boyfriend – obsessive, jealous, and a slapper. He also runs around with gun, just shooting at people, while a ship is sinking! It’s not enough that these people are going to drown, he has to shoot ’em too.

Jim – Edward Scissorhands

Jim is your typical kind of high school jock who will always be a douche. He only cares about drinking beer and being a badass. Thankfully he becomes an ex-boyfriend by the end of the movie.

David Goldman – An Education

David Goldman led a double life. He made a young innocent girl fall in love with him and then he broke her heart when she found out he was a married man. Also, he’s technically a pedophile because he devirginized a 16-year-old girl. Just saying.

Chris Wilton – Match Point

Where does one begin with Chris Milton? He’s a liar, a cheater and a killer. He spends all this time trying to get Nola to be his lover, and then when she turns up pregnant, he stops answering her calls. Then he comes up with a plot to kill her (and his unborn child). And all of this is going on while he’s married to the sweet and beautiful Chloe. This just teaches you to not fall for guys who look like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It’s the devil in disguise.

Ben Stone – Knocked Up

Ben Stone is probably an awesome guy to be friends with. He’s funny as hell. But he’s also an irresponsible guy who just decides to not use a condom during a one night stand. What kind of guy does that? A moron, that’s who. Later, when he finally become “the boyfriend” he’s just as childish and selfish.

Trip Fontaine – The Virgin Suicides

Beware of the Trip Fontaine type of guy. You might think he’s just being a guy, but he will break your heart and not even think twice about it. We’ve probably all met his type – He likes a girl. He goes after her by playing it nice with her parents. He takes her out. And then, after he gets what he wants, he brushes her off. Most girls refer to this guy as “the mistake.”

Billy Loomis – Scream

Billy is a psychopath. He’s a charming, somewhat attractive, normal-looking guy by day, a killer and sociopath by night. He peer-pressures Sidney into having sex with him, then attacks her, kills all of her friends and tries to kill her.

J.D. – Heathers

Veronica thinks she’s found the perfect boyfriend in J.D. She feels like she can connect with him, and he’s an escape from all the mean girls at school. But when he starts killing people, things turn around and Veronica realizes she’s in love with a crazy person.

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