Seven Awesome Apartments in Movies

You might remember us doing a post on 15 awesome houses in movies a few weeks back.   Well today I felt like following up with a subject that was a bit harder to research but just as cool.   Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot out there but to pick my favorites was not an easy task.

I know you guys will have more suggestions so please feel free but in the meantime check out these seven awesome apartments in movies…

A Perfect Murder – Ridiculous 5th Ave

This is the only apartment in a movie that I actually know something about because a piece was written on it.   The apartment is valued at $18 Million and it’s located on 5th avenue.   If any of you have seen this movie you realize it’s probably one of if not the most badass apartment in any movie ever.   Thanks.

Devil Wears Prada – Old School

I’ve never seen this movie but I do like Meryl Streep a lot.   This is more of a classic apartment type look but it’s pretty awesome regardless.  It’s classically French furnished.

Ghost – Loft

Ghost’s spacious loft is actually a replica of a 3,600-square-foot space that takes up an entire floor of a former 1885 button factory in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.    So basically it isn’t real but it was still pretty awesome in the movie.

American Psycho – White on White

As Film Critic once said, “Blood is a bitch to clean up, as Patrick finds out again and again.  He’ll need to get his hardwood floors sanded before he sells.”   Joking aside the all white bad assery of an 80s bachelor pad is pretty sweet in this film.

Austin Powers – Austin’s Pad

There’s just so much color and fun in this place is there not?

Cocktail – Jordan’s Dad’s Place

Forward to 4:00

Remember Elizabeth Shue’s character?  Remember how awesome her father’s apartment is in that movie?  You see I remember things like this.

Sex and the City – Upper East Side

God I hate to bring this movie into any article that I write but it’s gotta be done here.   Hell I haven’t even seen the movie but I know how awesome the apartment is because my wife constantly brought it up to me.

*obviously there are more and we’re open to all suggestions!


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  1. Your picks are a little bit to feminine for my liking. What about:

    Bruce wayne’s apartment in Dark Knight
    Fox’s apartment in Wallstreet
    And last but not least, the awesome apartment in Tron

  2. Eyes Wide Shut had some pretty outrageous NYC apartments, the christmas party at the start of the movie takes place in an incredible one.

  3. I’ve always rather liked Guy and Rosemary’s apartment from “Rosemary’s Baby”, although, having satan-worshipping elderly neighbors is bit of a downer.

  4. Nicolas Cage’s apartment from the beginning of “The Family Man” when he’s a still badass and loving his awesome life, before Uncle Don Cheadle ruins everything and turns him into a spineless Jimmy Stewart.

  5. Your Devil Wears Prada pictures isn’t the apartment of Meryl Streep but her hotel room in Paris during the gala. Which explain the frensh touch like you said^^

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