Zod Needs a Better Webcam

With all this hype about how badass Henry Cavill looks as Superman in Man of Steel, I think we’re  overlooking the potential for the film to contain a Nolan-level memorable villain, Michael Shannon’s Zod.

He’s barely been featured in the trailers so far, but longtime Shannon aficionados know how talented the man his, and how scary he can be when he sets his mind to it. He seems like a strange but possibly brilliant choice for Zod, and this is the most we’ve heard from him so far.

It’s a viral video which requests that we Earthlings give up Superman to him so he can you know, take over the world without hindrance. I mean, he doesn’t say that, but it’s the subtext. And why bother hiding your face when you’re flying all over the place blowing cities up? It’s not like he has an alter ego to protect.

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