10 of the Nastiest Restaurant Scenes in Movies


This was not a fun list to come up with.  I have to admit I did a lot while coming up with these scenes.  At first I nearly threw up, then I kind of laughed at some of it.  Then I nearly threw up again because I realized that I just laughed at some of it.

But one must admit that some of the most powerful scenes in movies come from scenes that take place in a restaurant.   Whether it’s humor or vulgarity (in this case it’s a little bit of both) the audience is drawn in by the sheer amazement of how absurd the movie can get in these moments.

Here are 10 of the nastiest restaurant scenes in movies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Along Came Polly

Don’t F*^k with People who Handle your Food – Waiting

The video is disabled but click on it and you’ll be taken there

Lamb Fries – Funny Farm

Nasty French Toast in Road Trip

Projectile Vomiting in Meaning of Life


Hot Pepper Scene in Dumb and Dumber

Eating Live Octopus – Oldboy

Forced Cannibalism – The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover

Spaceballs Alien Scene

Getting Fed your own brain – Hannibal


OK it’s not a restaurant but come on, I couldn’t leave this off

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  1. The diner scene from Night Patrol (1984) surely deserves a spot! A fat sweaty server wearing a dirty wife-beater cleaning silverware in his armpit and keeping a steak on the plate with a thumb that was previously in his butt – what’s keeping that from the list?

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