Debate of the Day: Michael Douglas as Ant Man is Awesome Shut Up

ant man

Alright, I guess I’ve sort of made my thesis pretty clear in the title here, which isn’t usually the case, but I’m tired of internet commenters throwing a fit when pretty much any superhero casting announcement is made, particularly this one. Michael Douglas has signed on to play Hank Pym in Edgar Wright’s Ant Man film.

This is awesome, and not up for debate. I mean it is, and you can disagree, but if you do, I don’t think you know very much about either Michael Douglas or Edgar Wright. Douglas has two Academy Awards and can build a coffee table out of his Golden Globes. Edgar Wright simply doesn’t make bad movies. At worst, he makes movies that are not quite as good as his other movies, which is still a pretty damn high bar.

I think it’s very cool that this is a superhero movie starring someone who isn’t a ripped 33 year old. Douglas is 69, and though he doesn’t look much like traditional ideas of Pym, it’s freaking Ant Man. How upset are you going to be? Chances are if Douglas signed onto this, it’s because the script is really phenomenal and Wright did a good job selling him on it. In what other way would Michael Douglas ever sign up to play “Ant Man”?

Anyway, if you do think this is bad news, I’d love to hear why.

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