The Incredible Unused Spaceships of After Earth

Spaceships 11

I didn’t much care for After Earth, as you might have heard, but there was one aspect of the film I did appreciate. I did like the visual style of the technology in the film, as it seemed like what it would be like if Crate and Barrell designed spaceships and their interiors.

But turns out there were even more spaceship designs that never made it into the film. We really only saw one type of craft, as most of the film was spent running around on Earth fighting baboons and lion-tigers.

Concept artist Colin Wertz was tasked with designing spaceships for the near future (50 years), the future (100) and the distant future (1,000) for various segments of the film. Nearly none of his designs made it, save a few, but they’re still worth checking out (via io9). See the gallery below:

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