Unreality Reader Art: The Iron Patriot

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We usually feature geek related art from legends like Sam Spratt or Dave Rapoza here, but if you’re a reader with some talent of your own, I’ve no problem shining on spotlight on you either. This piece by Austin Grinnell shows Iron Patriot from the comics/Iron Man 3, thought it’s not exactly the same thing.

In the comics, Iron Patriot is actually Norman Osbourne’s (of Spider-Man/Green Goblin fame) version of Stark’s Iron Man suit. In the movie however, it looks like it’s just a fancy new coat of paint for Rhodes’ War Machine. Due to licensing issues, I don’t think that we’ll see Osbourne cross over into the Avengers’ universe. It will be nice when all the Marvel properties are owned by the same company so they can start doing epic crossover movies. X-Men vs. The Avengers? Yes please.

Good photoshoppin’ Austin, will look forward to more.

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