Weekly Movie Rec: Daybreakers

Vampires. I’m as sick of them as you are. They overpopulate our TVs and our theaters and we can’t seem to escape them because a generation of women are in love with a sparkly pale douche canoe named Edward.

It’s a shame really, because such a blind hate of all things vampire sometimes will allow you to miss something that’s actually worthwhile. I had no hope for Daybreakers going into it (though I did appreciate its expertly scored trailer), but what I found was an incredibly interesting sci-fi film, and one of the best vampire movies I’ve ever seen, if not THE best. And Wesley Snipes isn’t even involved!

It’s a different way for the world to end. The vampire virus has spread through the world to the point where humans are almost extinct. Civilized society is now made up entirely of vampires, with humans hunted and harvested for blood, or forced into hiding. The world has adapted with underground walkways and extremely tinted windows in cars for day travel. Ethan Hawke plays a reluctant vampire scientist who is searching for synthetic blood that will satiate the masses, who are quickly devolving into a primal state when they go without human blood.

It really is a fascinating film with echoes of Gattaca in terms of style and well, Ethan Hawke. It’s far better than it has any right to be, and it’s a fresh look at a genre I was all but willing to write off. Check it out for yourself, and see if I’m right.

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  1. Concept: One of the best I’ve seen.

    Execution: One of the worst I’ve seen.

    Overall: No where near as good as thought it was going to be. I ask where are the international wars? Where are the crises of faith? And where is the true character development that should’ve been present?

    So much potential, pretty much squandered.

  2. Immensely surprised by this one. It was actually damn good. I mean… I wouldn’t consider it movie of the year material but for an r-rated blood and vampire fest, it was pretty well done.

  3. As the poster above said, not movie of the year material, but I could see myself 10 years down the line watching this again if I saw it on HBO or something.

  4. i saw this one in the theater and was pleasantly surprised. it’s nice to see a vampire movie with blood in it again.

    i do agree with Mr. Jim up there as far as the character development and the many extra steps they could have taken to take this movie from decent to epic.

  5. Gattaca was sappy overblown dull fluff. Daybreakers is one of the darkest and smartest social commentaries of the decade. Plus is has vampires. Glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed this one.

  6. I could have done without the ‘reverse Turning feeding frenzy’ sequence which got a little absurd, but I gotta agree, Daybreakers makes up for Sparkletoes and Mouth-Breather in a much over-exposed genre…

  7. I wanted to see this but it got so so reviews from anyone I cared to listen to. And since I watch so few movies so so just wasn’t good enough. Hell I have been dying to see scott pilgrim and still haven’t gotten around to it. But maybe if you really think it’s that good might be worth renting on xbox live or something.

  8. i thought the cured were going sacrifice themselves at the end.

    if they hooked themselves into the machines, then thier blood would go out to the stores, curing many…..those cured either get caught a put into the machines or get fed on…. turning more people….and so on.

  9. Loved the premise and idea of this movie but agree with most that it was poorly executed. For me it seemed to jump too fast, if they could’ve added 15 or so more minutes for character development I think it would’ve been so much better. I really hate moveis that are “Okay this is what we need to do” Quick cut to them doing it “now we do this” quick cut to doing it. Either say what your doing or just do it, I don’t need both.

  10. Watched this last night, and I figured you might have a post on it. Yes, it was pretty good. I really enjoyed a completely out-of-the-box take on Vampires… Would’ve given it a 4, except the very end TransAm into the sunset took it down a whole star. Definitely worth watching for the inspiration.

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