Five Reasons to Follow Fortnite on Twitter

Fortnite has become a huge success. As a result, it can be worthwhile for interested individuals to follow Fortnite on Twitter, which would be @FortniteGame. This is particularly true because there are a number of benefits that can be had by doing so. Here are five reasons to follow Fortnite on Twitter:

1. Keep Up with the Latest News

For example, following Fortnite on Twitter is one of the most convenient methods for keeping up with the latest news. In part, this is important because Fortnite is one of those titles that receive new content on a regular basis, meaning that it produces a constant stream of news that might interest players. However, it should also be noted that players don’t necessarily have time to play the game on a regular basis, meaning that paying attention is a good way for them to follow what is happening with minimal time and effort on their part.

2. Check Out the Latest Purchasable Items

People can play Fortnite at no cost. However, it has to sustain its operations somehow, which is why there are purchases that can be made. Granted, most players aren’t going to want all of the skins that come out. However, there are enough skins being released on a regular basis that chances are good that most players are going to want at least some of them, meaning that they might want to keep an eye out so that they can be sure of picking up their looks of choice sooner rather than later. This way, interested individuals can count on making sure that their in-game characters look exactly the way that they want to look for maximum stylishness. Yes, that is a bit superficial, but it is nonetheless something that can make an already great experience that much better.

3. See What Other People Are Doing

It isn’t unknown for Fortnite to highlight some of the things that Fortnite players have been doing, which can be either interesting, informative, entertainment, or a mix of various of these things. Suffice to say that when a game has a player base as big as that of Fortnite, it can see a fair amount of good fan content, meaning that interested individuals will be missing out if they choose to pass up on it in preference for sticking with nothing but content made by Epic Games.

4. Participate in a Sense of Community

Speaking of which, following Fortnite on Twitter can be useful for people who want to be involved in the online communities that have formed up around the game. Sure, participating in such communities can sometimes be frustrating because such is the nature of the Internet. However, that kind of participation can also help interested individuals get a lot more enjoyment out of Fortnite than otherwise possible. After all, online communities can help people find friends who share their interest in not just Fortnite but also related pursuits. Likewise, online communities can do everything from help people learn more about the best ways to play the game to help people keep up with what is going on so that they can keep afloat in spite of successive changes. Fortnite‘s Twitter presence is no more than a part of its online presence, but as those parts go, it is a relatively time-efficient one, meaning that it is a good option for a lot of people out there.

5. Become Informed about Potential Points of Concern

Finally, following Fortnite on Twitter can help interested individuals become aware of potential points of concern as soon as possible. Something that can have a huge impact on their enjoyment of the game because serious problems tend to lead to serious frustration. For example, a particularly bad bug can ruin otherwise entertaining sessions in little more than an instant, particularly if it has effects beyond the immediate term. Fortunately, by following Fortnite on Twitter, interested individuals can not just avoid them by becoming informed sooner rather than later but also learn when they have been fixed as soon as possible. For the most part, Epic Games has been relatively good at preventing such issues from popping up, but since considering the potential consequences should they ever slip up, it is important to keep a watchful eye out just in case.

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