Five Awesome Tips and Cheats for GreedFall


GreedFall is an entertaining game that offers room for flexibility to the player. You might not be very sure of what your mission is if you are a first time player. For this reason, we have thought of making a comprehensive beginners guide. In this guide, we will offer you some tricks and tips so that you can settle into the game with much ease.

1. Unlock the Healing Ability

You might have to rely on health phials as your only way of healing your hero in the initial stages of the game. This may, however, change with time. Consider checking the magic healing ability as soon as possible – this is a spell that allows your hero to recover some lost health points.

You will find this cheat on the upper right section of the skill tree. Moreover, you can also get to where this ability is located by clicking on the Stasis or from the One-Handed Heavy Weapons.

The initial level of this spell will be just enough. However, with time, you might want to try to unlock higher levels of the spell as you progress to be able to regain a few health points due to poison and worn-out armor.

The fifth level, as you will come to realize, is the most important. This is because the spell will even heal comrades. In the beginning, the magic healing spell is about 50 percent lower than your regeneration, but it still proves to be quite useful.

2. The Arena in New Serene Presents a Nice Place to get a Good Sword and XP

Once you have progressed far enough to reach New Serene, consider visiting a local tavern, and initiate a Champion of the Arena conquest. You can find the walkthrough online.

In Champion of the Arena conquest, you will be asked to take part in arena battles. To win the conquest, you will have to complete about five rounds, with each of them comprising about three fights with different enemies. Between the five rounds, you will heal for free. However, every new round presents a more challenging quest.

The last battle is with Nadaig Meinemen – a mini-boss. You do not have to take part or win all the rounds at one go. You can only take part in those that match your prevailing experience level and expertise.

The most essential element is to be able to learn important experience after you complete every round. Once you win all the five rounds, you will earn a powerful weapon. This two-handed weapon needs heavy two-handed weapons and five agility skill level. If your hero fails to meet these requirements, then you can opt to hand the sword to another warrior in your team.

3. Consider Using Active Pause Once a Fight Becomes Challenging

Banking on active pause offers advantages only. This feature is also available right from the start of the game. You should use this active pause button when: A negative status was inflicted on your hero, or he takes damage.

With this trick, you can choose how you can restore your character to normal condition. You have challenges defeating one particular opponent. This problem often arises when you fight against many opponents at the same time.

With this option, you get to choose who of your enemies you get to take down first. You hope to determine the health levels of your companions. GreedFall will display some information about your companions near the left corner of your screen. With the pause button, you can read, for example, how many health points each of your companions have left. The game will also display the well-being of your companion’s armor and mana.

4. Starting Attribute and Talent

At the hero customization menu, during the initial stages of the game, you will have to choose a class. Additionally, you will be asked to select an attribute and a starting talent. Ensure that your skill is in line with your starting attribute and talent.

The game, however, will offer you a few recommendations regarding what attributes and talents you should pick. Try as much as possible to stick to these recommendations as you get attributes and talents once every five levels.

In most cases, beginner players should go for endurance as their attribute. The ideal talents for newbies should be lockpicking and vigor. Vigor will regenerate your mana and health while you are not in active combat. Lockpicking will allow you to unlock chests and assist you in getting better fighting gear in the initial stages of the game.

5. How to Get Money, Ammo, and XP Easily on GreedFall

At the very beginning of GreedFall, immediately you leave Serene, you will want to speak to your caravan. This is how you will travel to San Matheus. This should cost you about ten gold, so do not be concerned about the price making a huge dent in your savings account.

Once in San Matheus, you should find a circular area on the map. You can exploit this area by killing as many bandits as you can. Bandits in the game are quite easy to kill when compared to the mythical beasts.

This means that it should not be hard for you to get rid of people. Humans, additionally, drop gold, ammo, weapons, and armor. This means that you will gain some loot for your killings.

While you are killing these bandits, you will come across both refined iron ore and crude ore: you will want to pick these iron ores up for crafting later. Just as in The Witcher 3 where Geralt meditates for days, you will also want to take a rest at the campfire for a few days and nights.

This will cause the enemies to reappear in the vicinity. With them still near, you can choose to kill them all over again and snatch some more of their ammo, money, and weapons. You will also gain more XP. If you decide to rest for about six nights in a row, your enemies will reappear alongside more refined and crude iron ores.

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