LEGO and Epic Games to Create Metaverse for Kids

Fortnite Batman Collaboration

Epic Games, from donating millions of dollars to Ukraine relief funds recently to building video game universes, acquiring music-related companies, and the Unreal Engine have been doing everything in what appears to be every part of technological advancement for the better, and enjoyment, of all. Especially so as most recently, Epic Games announced a new partnership with The LEGO Group in order to create a safe space for kids to grow their future interactions with others and exhibit communication and other skills while enjoying themselves in a new yet familiar environment that’s first and foremost safe. Below we’ve gone into detail on the newly announced partnership between LEGO and Epic Games to create a metaverse for kids, as well as other information regarding the two companies, the metaverse, and more.

Epic Games: Unreal Engine, Acquisitions, and More

Epic Games has surprisingly been at the forefront of technology, inside and out of the realm of video games, such as with the acquisition of Bandcamp to their own game engine that has been used widely across the video game industry, for far more than just video games directly and now with the new partnership with LEGO in order to make a safe space for kids to explore the metaverse. Epic Games also acquired rhythm game creators Harmonix in 2021, which led to an apparent trend for Epic Games to acquire brands and partnerships in order to grow in different regions of technological advancements. While Epic Games has been long developing its video game engine, Unreal Engine, for various other video game developers, for studios small and large, including themselves but currently Epic has been showcasing its newest iteration of the game engine, Unreal Engine 5. While the Harmonix acquisition could be leveled down to video game-related, the acquisition of Bandcamp, however, was more internet-related overall as the company will use the partnership to grow Bandcamp, over itself, Epic Games. Overall, Epic Games uniting with LEGO to create a metaverse for kids to further, and safely, explore a LEGO-inspired internet world.


While usually incomparable to Epic Games, LEGO itself has been at the forefront of childhood development and entertainment long before Epic Games was even established, let alone as renowned as they are today. Typically, LEGO has always been for people of all ages, but as LEGO has grown, it also slowly entered the realm of video games, from games based on existing franchises, such as Star Wars, to LEGO’s own branded games, the company has always had a very locked in outlook on the comedy and styles of their product. While LEGO was without a doubt created for children at first, also as time went on, the company attracted adults that love LEGO as well, which has led to adult collectors, and builders, of LEGO of all ages. Possibly among the most famous uses of LEGO with other brands could be “The LEGO Movie”, and its sequel, as it used a large mass of franchises that have been featured as LEGO sets, such as Batman being one of the most recurring characters and his villain Joker at the forefront of evil within the movie. Overall, LEGO has almost always spoken to fans of all ages but Epic Games teaming up with LEGO will without a doubt bring the best possible metaverse for children to grow and learn.

Epic Games LEGO Metaverse

When LEGO and Epic Games announced their partnership to build a metaverse that would be safe for kids to learn and grow, both companies stated their intrigue and interest in the project, which clearly had to do with the future that such a successful project could mean for the future of the companies as future fans of Epic Games releases are more than likely in the focused demographic. However, it’s never as simple as that, especially when the brands involved, LEGO and Epic Games, have shown extreme generosity throughout their individual histories as brands for their consumers. LEGO CEO, Niels B Christiansen, stated specifically about the need for a children’s digital safe space for them to grow and learn, “Kids enjoy playing in digital and physical worlds and move seamlessly between the two. We believe there is huge potential for them to develop life-long skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication through digital experiences.” Overall, while LEGO and Epic Games each have their own worlds as it is, combining the technology of Epic with the long-standing ability of LEGO to captivate the imagination of their all-ages fans already brings word of a hopeful future for youths through a metaverse created for kids by Epic Games and LEGO.

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