An Amazing WoW Bathroom Transformation

We’ve had our fair share of “obsessive gamer” posts and Lord knows they are not that easy to come by.  It’s one thing to hear a story about a crazy gamer who smashed his walls because he was angry he was losing at Halo 3.

It’s another when people get “real life” with stuff.  And by that I mean integrate video games into their lives so much that you have to stop and shake your head.

I’m pretty sure that transforming your entire bathroom into a WoW Horde Theme is a little over the top….

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  1. I really really really like this, even if for nothing but the craftsmanship. But I am a WoW fan so I can appreciate it a little deeper. I have to agree with riot though, because aside from the Horde insignia and the leather hide ceiling there isn’t much that’s exclusive to WoW here.

    The good thing is that the basics are there. I’m sure swapping some of the accessories would give it even more of a WoW feel.

  2. Yeah, It’s just a cool medieval bathroom.

    You know it’s not a hardcore WoW bathroom because then it would have a computer station for while you were on the toilet to level an alt or do some auctions while on the pot.

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