How Sweet: A Collection of Video Game Marriage Proposals and Weddings


Most of us play video games as an escape of sorts.  Through our computer or home console, we’re able to steal cars, pilot planes, fight in intergalactic wars, or fill our enemies with bullets.  But not all gaming is action and violence, and some gamers become so entrenched in their video game lives that they let them bleed into their real ones. A couple days ago, we posted a Super Mario World proposal that, although kind of nerdy, was really pretty sweet and creative.  I searched around on the Internet for more romantically-themed video game videos, and it’s clear that many gamers put a lot of thought into their significant others.  That said, I can’t really take any of them too seriously.  Ah well.  After the jump, enjoy a collection of in-game marriage proposals and weddings.

A marriage proposal via Chrono Trigger:

This seems like it must have been tedious as all hell to make.  A bit too sappy for me.

The now infamous Super Mario World proposal:

This one is more like it.  The dog at the end makes this a winner.  I love that dog.

A marriage proposal via Little Big Planet:

Pretty much the same concept as the Super Mario World proposal.

The first ever marriage proposal on Xbox Live

I know that the video isn’t so great, but the commentary more than makes up for it.  The whole ordeal is pretty creepy, though.

A real-life Adventure Quest Worlds wedding:

Yeah.  So, um, what’s Adventure Quest Worlds?

A Monkey Island marriage proposal:

There’s a decent amount of detail in this one, that you can read about here, if you care.  You don’t?  It’s cool, neither did I.

A Little Big Planet Wedding/Slideshow:

I feel somewhat invasive watching this one.

Oh yes, a Halo 3 wedding:

Jesus Christ.

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  1. Holy. Hell. A grand gesture is great, but come on.

    And where is a James Bond N64 proposal? Instead of getting the golden gun, there is a huge diamond ring. I’m on board for that one. Figure it out, nerds!

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