Little Big Planet Covers of 15 Different Games


I’ve been holding out on writing this post for awhile now, because I wanted to give the Little Big Planet community time to come up with some truly great stuff as they figured the game out. Well, time’s up, and I’m glad I waited. There are a million cool user created levels out there, so in my search I narrowed it down to the 15 best levels that parody other existing games. Each of these took hours upon hours of playtime and a healthy dose of creativity.

1. Little Big Halo

2. Little Big Gear Rex

3. Little Big Fantasy VII

4. Little Big Bros.

5. Little Big Gears

6. Little Big Creed

7. Little Big Hill

8. Little Big Edge

9. Little Big Colossus

10. Little BigOut

11. Little Big Kong

12. Little Bigfall

13. Little the Bighog (alright, that one’s a stretch)

14. Little Big Pac Man


15. Little Big Raider

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  1. Wait just till I finish with my level, Im going to post here its name so you can play it, it is based on my costa rican adventures and I know you will love it. And Iceman its right where is contra

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