Unreality Readers Bring Killer Instinct to DragonCon

We here at Unreality love cosplay, and even more so, we love our readers, so it’s always awesome to see those two things combine. You’ve seen David and his mysterious unnamed girlfriend before. I gave them their own gallery a few months ago when I liked their awesome Mortal Kombat/Hook/Mario Kart costumes, and then again when they went to this year’s E3 repping Street Fighter.

Now they’ve just gone to DragonCon, and are reaching into the slightly more obscure fighting game franchises for costume ideas. They dressed up as Jago and Orchid from Killer Instinct, a game that I forgot about until just now, when memories came flooding back after I googled it. Needless to say, as with their other costumes, it was a great success, and you can check out the full gallery below.

Alright David, now that we’re internet friends and all, I’m going to request you do Soul Calibur for your next event (my favorite fighting game). Mitsurugi and Taki? Yun-seong and Seong Mi-na? Maxi and Ivy? The possibilities are endless.

(click on most to enlarge)

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  1. Its funny how those cosplay poses look exactly what the (bad) 3d mk games where. In one behind the scenes video of mk3 the actors did this and looked the same

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