Wanted: Dead is a Cyberpunk Slasher Releasing Next Year

Wanted: Dead is a new action game from the makers of Ninja Gaiden. In this game, players will be in the skin of a member of an elite Hong Kong Law Enforcement outfit called the “Zombie Unit.” This character’s name is Hannah Stone. She is ordered to look into a vast corporate conspiracy riddling the city. The thing about this game is that it is a unique hybrid between a third-person shooter and a slasher. The closest thing to compare this to is probably with the underrated Dead to Rights IP. Also, Enter the Matrix might be a good comparison. Of course, those games weren’t “slashers” but rather martial art beat em’ ups with shooting mechanics. Nonetheless, Wanted: Dead is borrowing the same blend of how those games function. Now, keep in mind that the makers of Ninja Gaiden are behind this game. Which, as it is notoriously known, to be ball-breakingly difficult.

Hence, gamers out there who want something a little more old-school in terms of difficulty should definitely have their eye on Wanted: Dead. The combat has a lot of meat on its bones. There is a myriad of moves and weapons to be utilized. Thus, there are also finishers to unleash to polish off a bloody fight. The combat in this game is dense, fast, deep, and satisfying. The way that Hannah can mix up her fighting moves gives her almost unlimited potential how to smite her enemies. The battles won’t be for the faint of heart. Players will need to clear areas in order to progress further. Just like in the old days. Of course, there will be some modern twists on how this format works. A trailer was just dropped to help give an insight into how this game plays. Design-wise this world is echoing the anime IPs of the 90s and the action that came along with it.

Blades, Bullets, and Ballet

There will be combat taking place in both indoor and outdoor arenas. Hannah will be able to smoothly switch between CQC and engaging in firefights. There are animations that will help make this unfold in real-time. There will be over 50 finishing moves to use. Thus, there will be a plethora of ways to block, counter, parry and attack. Both in terms of blades and firearms. There appears to be a cover-based mechanic in Wanted: Dead, which will let the firefights be a bit more tactical. Naturally, Hannah will also be able to run around and fire from the hip, if a player prefers that. Pistols, shotguns, LMGs, SMGs, rocket launchers, and more will be up for grabs. Thus, there will be different melee weapons to use while in a pinch. Things like a chainsaw can be used, for example.

This cyberpunk-inspired world is not without its quirks. There will be minigames to play like a Raiden or a Karaoke game knock-off. Not to mention that cut-scenes will be animated, reflecting the golden era of animes during the 90s. The enemies will range from robotic warriors, mercenaries, and private armies. All of which will come in different classes which will entail mixing up fighting methods to beat them. Much like games of yesteryear, Wanted: Dead will have bosses who will need to be taken out. A sniper that can cloak on a whim and a hulked-out soldier is only a couple of bosses that players will need to bypass. In fact, some of the characters in this game might remind players of the rouge gallery found in Metal Gear Solid. The futuristic military approach to this game is no stranger to seasoned gamers, and this IP will have this in spades.

Lore and Gore

Even though the action is the star of Wanted: Dead, there will also be an engrossing story to digest. A narrative that’s full of treachery, world-building, and twists. Needless to say, this will be a bloody game. The red liquid will spray from opened wounds and even Hannah herself will get covered in it. Also, Hannah will also be able to dismember enemies in a rapid fashion. Lopping off heads, slicing off arms, and cutting legs in half are entirely possible. There is a very elaborate system in place with this game that focuses solely on taking apart enemies. Let us not forget that gunfights can enable enemies to be blown to bits and pieces. Yes, this game has its share of gore and it will be neverending along with the carnage. However, it is all done fairly tongue in cheek much like the B-movies that clearly inspired it.

Wanted: Dead does have its odd share of violent charm to it. The world is brimming with potential regarding cool-looking characters and interesting locations. This version of Hong Kong isn’t seen too often in games. In the world of anime, however, it is fairly commonplace. Given that this game was made by the developers of Dead or Alive, no doubt that they know combat. However, switching things up and making a game that’s an adventure instead of a  competitive fighting game is a welcomed direction to go on. This is especially true where guns are involved. These developers know martial arts, but they haven’t really delved into the world of firearms too often. Nonetheless, this game looks like a fun romp to try out. Any fan of cyberpunk-themed worlds or just anime, in general, might want to put this game on their wishlist. There is a lot to enjoy with Wanted: Dead.

Zombie Unit Universe

No doubt that there will be many fans garnered with Wanted: Dead once it launches. A new heroine is afoot and she definitely has the goods to become a new icon. Hence, any gamer out there that is hankering for a challenge should have this game on their list. No doubt that this game is shaping up to be a cyberpunk adventure unlike anything else before it.  Wanted: Dead will be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC when released. This title is slated to come out on Valentine’s Day next year.


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