10 Reasons Why Playing Video Games Can Make You a Better Boyfriend


They say that playing video games is something for nerds who don’t know how to talk to women. They also say that gamers ten to be more violent and aggressive and therefore not capable of having loving and supportive relationships. Well, they are wrong. Just because the mainstream media spreads lies about men who play video games doesn’t mean that you have to believe those lies. The truth that they don’t want you to know about is that gamers can be better boyfriends than men who never touched a video game.

When I was young I played a lot of video games. Back then I used to play Stronghold, Max Payne, Sacred, Red Faction, Half-Life and No One Lives Forever. Today I am in a happy relationship. Let’s have a look at how gaming helped me to attract and keep the woman of my dreams…

Women are attracted to determined men

Do you have the determination to reach the next level?

Do you have the willpower to play a level a fifth time, because you have failed four times in a row?

Good, because that’s the attitude that women are attracted to. Women are attracted to determined men who do what they set out to do. A woman wants to have a boyfriend who does everything in his power to reach his goals.

She wants a man who is playful

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that men who play video games are more playful than men who don’t. And women love playful men.

I’ve never met a woman who wants to be together with a guy who is dead serious. No, she rather wants to spend time with a man who laughs, shouts and giggles while playing a game he really enjoys.

If you don’t give up on a level, you won’t give up on your relationship

The reason why most relationships fail has nothing to do with different interests or hobbies. It has everything to do with the attitude towards giving up.

A man who has a never giving up attitude won’t leave his girlfriend after the first argument. If you are such a man and you have a never giving up attitude, you will work on your relationship instead of throwing it away.

And how do you get this attitude?

One way is through gaming. Playing video games teaches you to not give up. It teaches you to be resilient and to try harder, no matter if you have to play a level two times or ten times. This is the attitude you need in a relationship.

Playing multiplayer games improves your conversation skills

What’s the number one thing besides “he doesn’t listen to me” that women love to complain about?

They complain about our incapability to communicate. I mean, let’s face it. When a man says A, a woman understands B. That’s how misunderstandings and arguments are created.

What’s the solution? Improve your conversation skills.

I really hate to say it but women are way better at communicating than men. That’s why you need to practice your communication skills and one way to do this is by playing multiplayer games.

If you know how to plan, lead and coordinate five other players you will eventually be able to communicate with your girlfriend.

Creativity leads to creative dates

Women love creative men. They don’t want a guy who takes them to the same restaurant every day and plans the same trip every summer. That’s boring. No woman wants that.

No, your girlfriend wants you to be spontaneous. She wants you to think about creative dating ideas. She wants you to take her to places she’s never been before. That’s what she wants.

And that’s what you can give her if you are creative enough. In case you aren’t creative at all, playing video games can help you to train your creativity muscle. The Michigan State University released a study that proves that playing video games is tied to creativity.

Playing video games is better than playing with other women

What’s the number one fear that your girlfriend has?

Okay, her number one fear might be to gain two pounds after eating too much cake, but there’s one thing that she’s even more afraid of. She’s afraid that you will cheat on her.

Ask any woman who is in a relationship about her biggest fear and she will say something like this:

“I’m afraid that I’m not enough for him.”

She’s terrified that you play with other women.

How can you take away her fear? Let her know that you are not interested in playing with other women, because you are too busy playing video games.

No woman wants to date a dumb man

The last thing a woman wants is a dumb boyfriend. Even though some men falsely believe that women are attracted to idiots, they are actually attracted to intelligent men.

The good news: playing strategic video games increases your cognitive flexibility and has a positive impact on your intelligence.

In other words, gamers are anything but dumb, especially when they play Starcraft instead of Unreal Tournament.

You watch gaming videos instead of porn

There are many famous YouTube channels where people show their gaming skills. Some of these guys have millions of subscribers. As a gamer, you probably know many of these channels. Maybe you are subscribed to a few.

Your girlfriend might not understand it, but I guarantee you that she will be positively surprised when you tell her that you spend all day watching gaming videos instead of watching porn.

Fun gaming challenges can turn into fun nights

Let me ask you a question:

Who has more fun on a Saturday night?

Frank and Samantha who sit next to each other while watching a boring movie.

Charles and Josie who sit next to each other playing an exciting FIFA match.

Of course, Charles and Josie have more fun. They are laughing, they are screaming and they try to tackle each other (in a romantic way) during the game. And the winner gets a kiss and a kiss leads to…you know what I mean.

A fun gaming challenge can easily turn into a fun night. You should try it.

She probably likes video games too

Let’s be honest. There’s a high chance that she’s not telling you the truth when she says that she doesn’t really like video games.

She’s a girl. She has to say that. The last thing she wants is to leave the impression that she’s like your male friends. She wants you to see her as your girlfriend, not your buddy.

She wants to play with you. She’s just too proud to admit it.

Give her one of your controllers and find out how long it takes until your gaming challenge turns into a fun night.

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